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M.Report – S01E03

20 Apr, '082 Comments

FINALLY! I’ve finished uploading the third episode which was shot on Friday evening. I hope you enjoy it. In this episode: It’s the end of the first day of the weekend and I look at the Demistan Wall, briefly, then divert my attention at trying to get another wife, with the help of the first!

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The M.Report – S01E02

18 Apr, '086 Comments

The second episode. In this one, I talk about my exasperation with our parliament, my winning the first prize in the recent garden show and other assorted subjects.

This episode was recorded and broadcast on Thursday 17 April, ’08

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The M.Report – S01E01

18 Apr, '082 Comments

I started this on Facebook, but unfortunately as I did not find a way to share the vlog with other services, I decided to make it primarily available on YouTube and then share it from there to Facebook as well as the Den. I know that this distributes the content over several places, but I […]

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Filbert’s walkabout

5 Oct, '075 Comments

Hi-res here Away from the doom and gloom encompassing the world at the moment, here’s a moment of lightness for you.. The weather in Bahrain turned to the better since last weekend. It’s still hot and sticky, but at least the wind has picked up a bit, which prompted me to take my pet parakeet […]

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Muharraqi Girga’oun!

30 Sep, '0721 Comments

I had tremendous fun going all over Muharraq island looking for the mid-Ramadhan celebrations we call “Girga’oun” (the G as in golf, in both cases). I arrived early, actually before Iftar time by a few minutes and set up at the souq, to take the initial shots as it was far too early for anything […]

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