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Religious Police pepper-sprayed!

26 Sep, '07

hehe! Members of Khobar’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice were the victims of an attack by two Saudi females, Asharq Al-Awsat can reveal. According to the head of the commission in Khobar, two girls pepper sprayed members of the commission after they had tried to offer them advice. Head of […]


3-for-1, Saidi latest brainfart

5 Apr, '07

Yep, our effervescent Deputy Dawg™ is encouraging his fellow MPs to get it on: An Islamist lawmaker has urged his male peers to take four wives, three Bahraini women and one foreigner, in order to help address the issue of the high number of spinsters in the country. I’m not sure if he’s also including […]


Flashmobs, Saudi Style

29 Nov, '06

Not accepting defeat, the extremists became violent, started beating the actors and whoever stood between them and between achieving their goal of destroying the night, including audiences and students. Gun shots in the air, the security officer decided put an end to this mess and bring back order. more on SaudiSphere Ladies and gentlemen, this […]


Women have a right to pray in the Grand Mosque

13 Sep, '06

And any other mosque for that matter and the right to lead prayers as far as I am concerned. So here’s another petition that is looking for your support, especially if you are Muslim as this will affect your wife, your mother, your sisters and daughters if you do not take action now. Update 060914: […]


Kill the infidels!

18 Jul, '06

It’s really strange that a single, normally vociferous party, is quite silent when it comes to the war in Lebanon and the wholesale murder of civilians under whichever guise and metric one chooses to use. That party of course is our beloved Al-Qa’idah and their cohorts. What? Cat got their collective tongues? Or are they […]


A Shock of Pink

9 Jun, '06

Ixora Chinensis (Nana Lutea), originally uploaded by malyousif. Happy Friday friends… this is my present to the Multi Forces in Iraq for making Iraq a little bit safer today after their expediting Zarqawi’s long over-due interview with Allah.


Let the fireworks begin; Nancy is in town!

18 May, '06

The last time this young lady came to Bahrain, we had parliamentary and street riots, with people lying on the roads leading to her performance venue, quite a number of burnt tyres and scuffles with police, all apparently planned and executed by Islamists in parliament and the street. Ironically that was one of the few […]


Is the Wahabi wall crumbling?

3 May, '06

I sure hope so, and judging by this article, it might well be the beginning of the end, and not a moment too soon, says I: “This is one of the blessings of September 11. It put the brakes on the [Wahhabi] practice of takfir , excommunicating everyone who didn’t exactly follow their creed,” said […]


Ahhhh… Muharraqis

29 Apr, '06

Very pretty aren’t they? Kids fronting a demonstration in Muharraq yesterday in support of “the Iraqi resistance” and the Palestinians. The demonstration was organised by some group calling themselves “National Justice Movement” in cooperation with the Shura Islamic Political Society and National Constitutional Grouping which brought out about 150 people, according to Al-Wasat (arabic). Now […]


A present to Ali Matter and his lot

24 Apr, '06

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a special lash and mask kit I would like to present to our dear member of parliament Ali Mattar who suggested the very valid and totally workable solution to penalise errant journalists… WHIP THEIR ASS! And of course Mattar is going to wear that mask while he’s doling out […]

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