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Religious Police pepper-sprayed!


Veiled woman pepper-spraying

Members of Khobar’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice were the victims of an attack by two Saudi females, Asharq Al-Awsat can reveal.

According to the head of the commission in Khobar, two girls pepper sprayed members of the commission after they had tried to offer them advice.

Head of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in the Eastern province Dr. Mohamed bin Marshood al-Marshood, told Asharq Al Awsat that two of the Commission’s employees were verbally insulted and attacked by two inappropriately-dressed females, in the old market in Prince Bandar street, an area usually crowded with shoppers during the month of Ramadan.

According to Dr. Al-Marshood, the two commission members approached the girls in order to “politely” advise and guide them regarding their inappropriate clothing.

Consequently, the two girls started verbally abusing the commission members, which then lead to one of the girls pepper-spraying them in the face as the other girl filmed the incident on her mobile phone, while continuing to hurl insults at them.

The Eastern Province’s head of the commission also revealed that with the help of the police his two employees were able to control the situation.

The two females were then escorted to the police station where they apologized for the attack, were cautioned and then released.
Asharq Alawsat

This is outrageous! This is dispicable!

How can they run a story like this and not provide the video footage? It is extremely important! How else are we to witness for ourselves incontrovertibly if the religious policemen actually do have feelings! :twisted:

Now don’t go reading into this that this is a “revolution” and “things are changing in Arabia” even with that petition handed over to King Abdulla signed by a thousand people requesting that he allows women to drive.

Who cares about them driving? Just hand them more pepper-sprays and let’s video tape the result!

3-for-1, Saidi latest brainfart

Deputy Dawg, Bahraini MP Jassim Al-Saidi

Yep, our effervescent Deputy Dawg™ is encouraging his fellow MPs to get it on:

An Islamist lawmaker has urged his male peers to take four wives, three Bahraini women and one foreigner, in order to help address the issue of the high number of spinsters in the country.

I’m not sure if he’s also including the lone female MP into the sphere of his advice of course, probably not as with his low opinion of women I wouldn’t be too surprised. Foreign women of course do not get regarded at all by him, they simply do not exist but if they do, they are worth a lot less than locals.

What’s all this in aid of then? What’s the motive for his latest stinker?

Shaikh Jasem Al Saidi, an independent with strong ties to the Salafis in the lower house, said that Bahraini men should not hesitate to wed more than one wife for the sake of the nation.

“We do not want to have spinsters in the country and we do not want a rise in the divorce rate either. Taking more than one wife is the solution, and I advise that the members of the Council of Representatives should set the example,” he said.

But his remarks, uttered in a light tone, drew compassionate opposition from the other 38 men who sit in the 40-member council.

“Please, just speak for yourself,” the Islamist deputy was told by fellow member Hassan Al Dossari, while Latifa Al Gaood, the only woman in the lower council, preferred not to comment.

Al Saidi’s suggestion came after the council could not agree on the merits of extending health privileges to foreign women married to Bahrainis.
Habib Toumi :: Gulf News :: 5 April, ’07

Ah, he’s trying to save the country the money that would have been paid by foreign wives for availing of the local health services.

Thank you sir. Now go back to your cave. And take with you all of those morons who voted for you as well.

Flashmobs, Saudi Style

Not accepting defeat, the extremists became violent, started beating the actors and whoever stood between them and between achieving their goal of destroying the night, including audiences and students.

Gun shots in the air, the security officer decided put an end to this mess and bring back order.
more on SaudiSphere

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what is awaiting Bahrain.

Prepare yourselves.

Women have a right to pray in the Grand Mosque

And any other mosque for that matter and the right to lead prayers as far as I am concerned.

So here’s another petition that is looking for your support, especially if you are Muslim as this will affect your wife, your mother, your sisters and daughters if you do not take action now.

Grand Mosque Equal Access for Women petition

Update 060914: The petition has now been closed by the author, I suspect as a ruling has now been issued by the authorities that they will not close off the area in question for women worshipers.

Thanks to Tariq and Publia for the heads up.

Kill the infidels!

It’s really strange that a single, normally vociferous party, is quite silent when it comes to the war in Lebanon and the wholesale murder of civilians under whichever guise and metric one chooses to use. That party of course is our beloved Al-Qa’idah and their cohorts.

What? Cat got their collective tongues? Or are they just thrilled to bits that their real enemies are ‘getting what they deserve’? Of course they are, and – as far as they’re concerned – the only good Shi’a is a dead Shi’a!

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, I find them boring and would rather pick up a Wilbur Smith if I want some fictional entertainment, but billmon‘s article about the subject really set the cogs turning in the grey matter…

As far as I’m concerned however, I don’t give a tuppence about any of the three axes of evil in this situation, they all need their heads examined, and smartly;

Israel: it needs to calm down and rethink its position, the Lebanese infrastructure is all but destroyed now after 6 days of unopposed destruction, and its response is far too disproportionate.

Hizballah: I maintain that they are morons, and no, I’m not opposing them “because I hate the Shi’a”, I am one for God’s sake (and self criticism show strength, doesn’t it?) but I really believe that their “operation” was the last thing the world generally, and Lebanon specifically, needed especially considering the turmoil and confusion it is already in since Hariri’s murder, as well as the complete absence of its military capability and infrastructure to oppose, however marginally, what Israel can dish out. This should also demonstrate to Lebanon that defence cannot be outsourced, even to a “solid” and “stable” country like Syria (which begs the question: would Israel have dared to mount an operation such as this while the Syrians were stationed in Lebanon?)

Al-Qa’idah and its sympathisers: they’re (to borrow a “Steve Expression™”) dancing in the streets! Their sworn enemies are being slaughtered, break out the festivities and dole out the sweets. Shi’as are being eliminated by their very “friends,” the Zionists! What more does a “true” jihadi want? Dance! Carry on Dancing! Dancing and merriment are fully condoned by Allah in this particular regard.

Where does that leave us then? Deeper into the mire, with no ladder to use to climb out of as our judgements continue to be clouded in such heinous thoughts based on hatred, religions, sects, and prejudices.

While all of this is happening, Palestine, Iraq and virtually the whole Arab world continues to descend into the abyss and tyrants and governments all over are using this period to continue to strangle their own populace while the world news organisations and media are concentrating on hapless Lebanon.

What would it take to stop this madness? Is there no sane leader left to guide these disparate protagonists through to civility and safety?

A Shock of Pink

Ixora Chinensis (nana lutea)

Ixora Chinensis (Nana Lutea), originally uploaded by malyousif.

Happy Friday friends… this is my present to the Multi Forces in Iraq for making Iraq a little bit safer today after their expediting Zarqawi’s long over-due interview with Allah.

Let the fireworks begin; Nancy is in town!

Nancy's in town, and everyone is waiting for a couple of parliamentary members' brainfarts

The last time this young lady came to Bahrain, we had parliamentary and street riots, with people lying on the roads leading to her performance venue, quite a number of burnt tyres and scuffles with police, all apparently planned and executed by Islamists in parliament and the street. Ironically that was one of the few occasions in Bahrain’s recent history where both Sunni extremists as well as Shi’a both came together to form “the Nancy Opposition Movement.”

The concert did go ahead, but Nancy was so scared that she didn’t dare show skin (and she could show plenty!) but chose to wear jeans and a very conservative top. It must have been very stifling creatively for the lovely siren, being restricted with those close while performing.

No matter, the important thing is that it was Nancy – and no one else and I say that with hand on heart – that started our real democracy and the fight for personal freedoms rolling, and it hasn’t stopped yet.

Now, everyone on the island is expecting a repeat of the previous experience three years ago, and I know people would gladly pay through the nose to thumb theirs at the Islamist dimwits who everyone expects to create yet another unneeded and unwarranted ruckus.

The cartoon in today’s Al-Wasat is quite apt, and also demonstrates quite plainly that some MPs are in it for their egos rather than the good of the country, or even worse, some just cannot separate parliamentary work and that of religious preaching.

The guy in the cartoon is calling an MP (most probably the usual posse of Islamists/Salafis/Wahabi: Mohammed Khaled, Jassim Al-Saidi, Adel Al-Moawdah – though he’s been rather subdued of late – Ali Mattar, Abdulla Al-A’ali, and the rest) and saying “Hello, Mr. MP, Nancy Ajram returned to Bahrain, get prepared as this is your game!”

I’m putting my money on Nancy to win by a head. What’s yours on?