1. mahmood

    Re: so cute

    yeah we love the little twit too… she’s a true “Heinz 57” as we picked her up from the pound.

    [url=]Here’s the full story[/url] by my daughter who’s dog it is.


  2. anonymous

    Nice dogs!

    Great dogs, Mahmood! I’ll have to show my wife, who’s a dog groomer. Your big dog bears a striking resemblence to my big dog, Feynman, and the little guy looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before. 🙂

  3. anonymous

    Gnasher & Phoebe

    nice dogs mahmood,but no racing cars come on man.

  4. anonymous

    Gnasher & Phoebe

    Nice dogs… very beautiful :). The little white one looks as if she might have some American Eskimo (aka: Spitz) in her :). I see that these pics are more than a year old…do you have a more recent shot of them? I noticed in your biography that you commented that you have “two stupid dogs”. I have one stupid dog, and one that has consistantly outsmarted me for 13 years! LOL! She’s a shepard-collie mix from the pound, and she conned me into choosing her in the first place! She spotted me among the people looking at the dogs, and let out a heart-breaking sigh every time I passed her kennel. I started watching her covertly, and noticed that she was ALSO watching me out of the corner of HER eyes as well! LOL! I just HAD to have her :). My “stupid dog” is one of those big, lovable klutzes who steals your heart away. She’s solid black, a Labrador/Chow mix, also from the pound, with fur like black velvet and a personality that makes you smile :). Not too bright, though! LOL!

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