Outgrown *nuke? Come to the next era!

this is a comment I entered at http://www.dinerminor.com and I thought I would reproduce it here. I hope John doesn’t mind!

I’m sure a lot of people join me in congratulating Team Xaraya on the release of the first public beta of Xaraya, but why should they?

Is it just a new toy to play with? Another piece of code to complain about? Another piece of software that forces you to become a software developer, engineer, visionary just to publish the articles that you want to publish the way you want them published? In short, I see Xaraya as the natural next step in content management platforms. Unlike its predecessors, it is deep, intuitive, and full featured.

No longer does the publisher (rather than the webmaster) has to be completely familar with several technologies. With simple configuration options available in Xaraya, one finally could remove oneself from worrying about technicalities and concentrate on publishing content… which incedentally what we all got into this game for in the first place.

Just set up Xaraya how you want it once, and then just worry about your content, content, content and never worry about if a permission is actually going to work consistantly, or if a module is going to be incompatible with the core!

Thank you Team Xaraya for this release, and we look forward to 1. I think if we just stop here, at 0.9 this is a major milestone as it answers most if not all of the needs of those frustrated *nuke webmasters!