So when do you know that a war is over?

When it’s the last item in the news broadcasts, not when Bush says it’s over!

The main thing on the news now is of course SARS. So like Afghanistan, Iraq is now is on the back burner. Forget about the war wounded, the children, the old people. Forget about the Geneva convension that stipulates that the agressor is responisble for the security of the country, forget about the most powerful nations on earth providing the basic necessities of life to a crippled country and people, by the sanctions, by that criminal Saddam and his cronies, forget about the hundreds of life lost in Iraq and the thousands more… it will now just fade with history.

But wait, the oil has started flowing again! So all is not lost! The industrial countries will benefit!! Now I understand what the war was all about Mr. Bush and President Blair. It is to help Iraq get rid of a dictator (but almost every single country in the Middle East is a dictatorship) and getting rid of the weapons of mass distruction (where are they?), ah, AND providing an easy and plentiful supply of oil at the price that the industrial nations want..

Ah well… Syria will suddenly be the next “clear and present danger” to the United States, then Iran, then Bahrain? I hope that our King will start buying some hitech arms from the States so we stay as a “favoured” nation. At least for the moment!