Flip-Flopping Deputy Dawg?

Jassim Al-Saidi, the Bahraini flip-flopping MPThis should surprise us at all, we knew of his abundant qualities already with the flurry of bills and proposals he shoved down parliament’s throat over the past 2 years. We also know of his particular predilection for fame and having his picture in the papers. I don’t know why, if I had a face like that I would hide in a dark cupboard and refuse to go out. But hey, that’s just me. I think this guy is truly driven into assuring his three wives (this is no joke, he does have 3 wives!) that he’s gonna be elected again for the next parliament, and he might well be as he’s probably the best that Riffa has to offer (please prove me wrong Riffa.)

Anyway, onto this piece of news from the GDN this morning:

MP Jassim Al Saidi is urging parliament to approve a BD1,000 Eid bonus for all Bahraini families. This is double the BD500 Eid bonus proposed by Parliament Second Deputy and Al Asala chief Shaikh Adel Al Mouawda and four other allied MPs. Yesterday, Mr Al Saidi was reported as backing a counter-proposal with four other MPs, urging the government to use the surplus generated by soaring oil prices to reduce the budget deficit, alleviate debts, finance infrastructure projects and build solid currency reserves. “Bahrainis are over-indebted and are in need of a helping hand… They deserve aid,” he told our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej.

Is that not flip-flopping? This dickhead probably thinks not, but then, he normally trips on his IQ so there is no reason to reason with him.


  1. medo_185

    Flip-Flopping Deputy Dawg?

    What’s this great vat of lard’s chances? He’s already this week got through segregation of the cafes on Bahrain University and enforcing a cover up dress code on campus. I thought they’d already got the latter thanks to Islamists running the student union.

    Let’s see those women here who campaigned so tirelessly for the right of French Muslims to wear what they like to school, do the same for this right to be extended to students in Bahrain.

  2. kategirl

    Flip-Flopping Deputy Dawg?

    I love the image. I assume you made it yourself specifically for this guy. Where did you get the photo of the flip-flops? They look like some used wudu slipppers. Great!

  3. mahmood

    Re: Flip-Flopping Deputy Dawg?

    I must confess that they’re mine, they reside normally under my office table to be used for wudu, and for occasions such as this! Isn’t Adobe Photoshop Elements great?

  4. mahmood

    Where’s the money?

    Saudi Arabia has stopped its supply of 50,000 barrels of oil per day to Bahrain since July, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies said yesterday.

    Speaker Khalifa Al Dhahrani was informing the deputies about the decrease in Bahrain’s resources and warning them against relying on a surplus of income following the record surge in oil prices.

    Al Dhahrani said that deputies should not jubilate over the unexpected surplus from the oil prices. “We do not have any resources. After the oil has dried up here, we have nothing to leave for the future generations,” he said.

    “We all have to recall the ‘absent’ truth: If it were not for the close family ties between the Ruling Family and the ruling families in Saudi Arabia and in Kuwait, there would be no welfare coming into Bahrain,” he said.

    The Minister of Finance and National Economy, Abdullah Saif, last night said that “the government in Bahrain was conducting brotherly consultations with the government of Saudi Arabia on bilateral oil arrangements.” The minister hoped that “the consultations would result in positive results for the sake of the two countries and peoples.

    Bahrain Tribune

    And these jerkoffs are still braying to get money for nothing and act as modern day Robin Hoods?

  5. kategirl

    Re: Where’s the money?

    I was just about to post that article here but you’ve beaten me to it. Do we really have to wait until bloody 2006 to get these jokers kicked out of parliament? Is there no other way to call early elections or something?

  6. anonymous

    Flip-Flopping Deputy Dawg?

    Jassim Al-Sa’aydi yall meen? I call him Al-S9a3eedi!!
    This guy, Oh Lord, is nothing but crazy

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