Well, the original URL might be blocked (temporarily, I am sure, sanity WILL prevail), but I’ve set up a new mirror on http://alyousif.tv which you can access without recourse to an anonymiser. The upside is that all of the links work too!

And if they block this one, I’ve got another one ready.

And then yet another!


  1. Yousif

    An interesting way to circumvent the block. Though i would be a little more careful not to piss them off enough to go after you personally.

  2. shroof

    I second what Yousif is saying, be careful Mahmood. This has come as a shock to me, even though I am aware of how the Bahrainy government operates, for a while there I hoped things were improving somewhat.
    Anyway, keep up the good work, and take good care.

  3. BinShehab

    With all what happen, and the sorrow and pathetic situation, I just noticed your new photo in the hider and it makes me laughed very much, can you create a bumper sticker to put on cars?

  4. Ashley Klein

    I never thought I would see you blocked! It doesn’t surprise me to much though, from your comments on the Bahraini government in the past. Either way, you have my support, because freedom of speech is too great a right to be denied. Keep up the good work, I’ve always enjoyed your blog, it’s rare to find a voice like yours, not just in the middle east, but across all regions and borders, that is such an ardant fighter for freedom and rights, we need more people like you. But, like others have said, please be careful.

  5. Larie

    Mr Mahmood

    كرفولّ رجاء

  6. Morad Rayyan

    Don’t worry about it, the rest of 99.5% of the world can read your posts…

    Dont make them stop you… you are fighting for all of us…

  7. migy mao

    Shocked to see your site blocked. Rights such as freedom of speech will slowly slowly be taken away. It is the beginning of the return to watching your back and not trusting even your brother. That is the way the country has been set up and operates, sadly enough. I really find your blog a nice way of expressing opinions and harmless. If anything, I learned a bit about gardening from you, thank you. Never be silent, we are with you.

  8. Ali

    Mahmood, Though I made it to lighten the air a bit, I’m glad you loved the header photo! There are still 3 broken images; justbahraini, amnestybahrain, and technoraticosmos

  9. Shachar Shemesh

    What are the chances they’ll block a .org.il address….. 🙂

    Want one?


  10. Shachar Shemesh

    What are the chances they’ll block a .org.il address….. 🙂

    Want one? I can probably get you “mahmood.fiasco.org.il” for no charge at all. Sounds like an apropriate address….


  11. Rayyash

    I believe that we should start a campaign to support you at the end!! And we shall work to remove the minister!! Coz the man is out of his mind!! :yes:

  12. Post

    Thanks Shachar, I’m in enough hot water as it is, let’s pass on that otherwise they WILL use that against me and you know where that will end! Thanks for the thought though, I much appreciate your support.

    As I do Rayyash! Are you still in lovely DXB? People were trying to reach you last night! And a couple of good souls have already started a “I Want My MTV site!

    We work fast, us Bahrainis!

  13. Lujayn

    Mahmood, you look like you’re mocking “them” behind the red gag – very appropriate, especially with all the support you’ve gotten. I love the picture!

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