The Full Monty it is


Thanks to all who participated in the “smilies” poll. As promised, the poll is now closed and the winner of the sets offered were the “Full Monty” smilies which have now been activated. I hope you enjoy judiciously using them!

Meet the Full Monty set:

The Full Monty smilies set


  1. Butterfly

    I didn’t participate this time, but I like the new smilies.. they are so cute and cool especially these
    :wub: :whistle: :w00t: :devil: :sick: :ninja: :sleeping:

  2. KHAL

    :wub: 😉 :whistle: :wassat: :w00t: :unsure: :tongue: 🙂 :sleeping: :silly: :sideways: :sick: :shocked: 🙁 :pouty: :pinch: :ninja: 😆 :kissing: :heart: :happy: :biggrin: :getlost: :face: :ermm: :dizzy: :devil: :cwy: 😎 :cheerful: :blush: :blink: :angry: :angel: :alien:

    Just trying the new set

  3. Ash






    yeah, baby


    mama …

  4. Maverick

    Nice choice….what a democratic choice…..:smile:\

    It seems that some of these reminds me of our current MPs.
    :sleeping: :devil: :ninja: :sick: 🙁 :w00t: :alien: :blush: :angry:

    What a nice way to give them representation on your blog…..

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