Green Bahrain after the rains

Green Bahrain after the rains

Green Bahrain after the rains, originally uploaded by malyousif.

A few weeks ago I posted another picture of this area showing you that because of the recent rains green has sprouted all over the island. Well, the green has grown since then, and not a day passes without a few people stopping at the patch now and picking up their vegetables and going off home!

This stretch of land on the Budaiya highway was until a few years ago a rich and fertile land with various farms; those have made way to housing plots obviously, but all it takes is a little rain for the green to reclaim the land.

As you probably can see from the picture (look at it in full size) a man is gathering some of the free and plentiful produce. I see several people coming over throughout the day to pick up, fill up and go away again.

Could Bahrain be self sufficient agriculturally? Could it have been at some point? Well, with the reclamation of farm lands and others for housing projects, it doesn’t look like that is ever going to happen at any point in the future.

The land is telling us a story tough…


  1. Maverick

    M. What kind of camera are you using. If you don’t mind. Did you stitch this together? Lovely wide angle shot.

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    Tried to add The Reasoning but unfortunately as it doesn’t have any posts I’m getting errors.

    Can you update your blog and let me know when you do publish something in it so I can re-try? Thanks.

  4. Anonymous

    Abu Arif,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have updated the blog. I hope it works well now.

    Thanking you for your continued co-operation.


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  6. mishmish

    Hi Mahmood – what is the green stuff ? It’s amazing, I thought it was like moss or something, but seems to be much higher..?

  7. M

    Ah, must be the gardener in you to see the possibilities of stuff growing everywhere. I don’t know very much about it, but would something like desalination processing plants work to green up the island enough to be able to grow stuff?

  8. Post

    Don’t know mishmish, but I’ll drive out later today and take close-up pictures.

    M, we have an acute shortage of water and all water consumed here is desalinated (other than bottled) so I although, yes, providing desalinated water would definitely help green Bahrain, but economics I think would unfortunately get in the way.

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  10. Post

    I’m afraid on closer inspection, all of that green is nothing more than weeds! The consensus of opinion is that people who might have been gathering it, might have used it to feed the animals, rather than humans.

    Here are the closeups (click to open a Flickr set):

  11. CharlesWT

    The leaves look a bit like the leaves of some varieties of okra.

  12. mishmish

    Wow, I just saw this now — it does look like something…that’s huge ‘weeds’ — whatever it is though, isn’t it amazing that it just grew like this, from nothing but a few weeks of rain.

    Given enough water, Bahrain truly could be that fabled garden of eden it was supposed to have been.

    Water, water…..they say future wars won’t be about oil anymore, they’ll be about water.

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