Lovey Dovey and the world is Hokey Pokey

come here my dear boy…

“Come here my dear boy…” King Abdulla greeted his Iranian neighbour, “and let us chat a little about this region and religion.”

Ahmadinejad, being in a huff with everyone but God at the moment, and even that is questionable, jumped at the opportunity. A statesman who has just come back from Sudan (Sudan?) into Saudi to shore up his support for his train without breaks, and that train being just 100 kilometers away from the shores of the great kingdom to our west rather worryies our big neighbour. That of course and that little thing of running a bilateral proxy war in a country sandwiched between the two great nations gives the two great leaders a lot to chat about.

It is just as well that Ahmadinejad is staying over for a couple of days. He should utilise the time to perform Umrah, as he is close to it and he probably would find it difficult not only to fit it in his busy rhetorical schedule, but getting a visa is a bit iffy at the moment, they tell me. Performing a religious duty after all is much more important than stopping bloodshed or even avoiding turning us all into radioactive subjects.

So off they went, the two great leaders, and discussed sectarianism:

Gulf News Saudi Arabia and Iran agreed to fight the spread of sectarian strife that threatens to spill over from their neighbour Iraq, the Saudi foreign minister said.

I guess the former will now instruct the Imam University to be closed and subject all its graduates to deep psychoanalysis to get them to grudgingly accept that Shi’as are in fact non-heretics – let alone being Muslim (when that happens I’m going to establish an orthodontic clinic in Riyadh to cater for all the shattered teeth due to furious clenching) while the latter finally accepted that he is going to insist on changing his country’s constitution to turn it into a “real” democracy by abolishing the supreme clerical council and allow people to stand for elections without them being first vetted by said council.

They also accepted that they will stop sending their Heavenly-glory-seekers to Iraq and leave that country alone to gets its ducks in order without their direct or indirect interference, at least that’s what I understood from the official Iranian News Agency:

Speaking in a meeting with the Saudi King Abdallah bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud in Riyadh on Sunday, Ahmadinejad stressed numerable and common assignments and responsibilities of Iran and Saudi Arabia, as two big and powerful Islamic nations, in the world of Islam, the region and the Middle-East, a statement released by the Presidential Press Office said.


And I thought that our own BNA was bad!

So why the change of heart now? Is Ahmadinejad finally sick of his own pompous rhetoric? Is he really looking for solutions? Is he and his country really willing to enter into genuine cooperation to end strife in this turbulent part of the world? Or is he just feeling cornered and wants a way out?

Whatever it is, I’ve lived through 5 major wars in my lifetime, at a rate of one every five years and do not wish to go through yet another one, especially if the prospect of the next one being nuclear, especially one managed and designed by ex-Chernobyl brainiacs.

I hope that the two gentlemen holding hands would translate their conclusions to a real will to salvage tenuous relationships for the sake of not only their people, but the entire region.

I somehow will refrain from holding my breath.


  1. jamo

    1) fox news is the last source of info a reasonable analyst can make a reference to.
    2) can you please list 5 things why you undermine ahmadinajad?because of his ambition of NW? isreal has more. because it is so” closer” to you than isreal? bullshit. if the isreali NW explodes it will reach you faster than the Iranian.

    3) if you are against the islamic country as a whole, or you might claim that there are many violations of human rights and the rest of this bullshit. then give us alternatives. secularism? hardly stands before the reality evidece( i think you know the west by heart, so you got what i mean, right?)

    if you are going to reply to , please do so without accusing me of anything( because from my experience with your site you always seek refuge to that)

    kindest regards.

  2. Post

    Jamo, what did you find unsubstantiated in the Fox article?

    I agree with you that in this area of the world Fox is not very credible because of its distinct leanings to the Right, but that does not mean that every single thing they carry is incorrect. If you find fault with the story I linked to, I would sincerely like to know why? Especially that the story was filed by the Associated Press and syndicated by most publications around the world. Is the AP also suspect?

    I’ll have you know that the story is also carried by the Fars News Agency:

    Iran’s N. Train Has No Brakes
    TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here in Tehran on Sunday stated that his country has dismantled and thrown away the brakes of its nuclear train, stressing that Tehran will never retreat from its legal and justified stances.

    I could list a lot more than 5 reasons why Ahmadinejad does not deserve to lead a great nation like Iran. But I suspect that you can find those for yourself by looking through the official news agency of that country and letting your own mind deduce why he is unsuited for that position. (A few that come to mind off the cuff include: worsening relations with most power centres both locally and internationally, the increasing poverty levels of the Iranian population, the pending sanctions against Iran due to his nuclear policy, absense of freedoms of express and the press has become more restrictive, direct interference in Iraqi matters, etc.)

    The alternative to CLERICAL rule is a modern constitutional democracy where the rights of the individual is sustained and protected. You will probably agree with me that secular governance has a much better probability of inculcating these ideals than through a clerical and/or Islamic state.

  3. Solo

    Now that pic is the very definition of the term “strange bedfellows”.

  4. Abu Arron

    I truly believe that all nations should have access to cheaper, more sustainable forms of energy. However, with that access comes a high level of responsibility and the ability to convince others that such forms of energy will not be abused in any manner.

    Unfortunately, Ahmadinejad does not exude neither confidence nor, at times, obvious rational thought. It is for that reason Iran’s neighbours (and countries much further afield) are alarmed. Of all the faults with Israel (of which there are a multitude, too many to list here), I honestly believe with all my heart that Israel would never, ever fire its nuclear missiles – except in direct proportional defence.

    I realise that this posting will result in a plethora of vitriolic responses, but truly hope/expect that there will be more nods in agreement than curses.

  5. Cerebralwaste


    Your post is based on fact. Israel has had plenty of chances to drop a nuke yet hasn’t. I agree with you it would be a last all end all measure for Israel to use the nuclear option. I don’t think we can say the same for Ahmadinejad who has stated many times he wants and will destroy Israel and the US. Now how will or would he do this? With conventional ground forces and weapons? I don’t think so. A nuclear armed Iran isn’t good for anybody in the world let alone people in the region and especially the good people of Iran.

  6. allergic_to_everything

    Why do you sit at home behind a computer screen and rant about everything and everyone in existence, usually with little objectivity? Is it that nothing is ever perfect and no one is ever decent unless he or she is a mirror image of you?

    It’s always easy to pick up the vicious sarcasm in your posts, but never as easy to pick up even the slightests hints of academic analysis and objectivity.

  7. Post

    Abu, Fox News came and interviewed me at home last week about this very subject. I said then that every sovereign country has the right to pursue nuclear energy for peaceful means, and that Iran has that full right to do so.

    I also said that the US must pursue more grown-up attitude and solve problems politically rather than militarily.

    It doesn’t matter than Israel might never use their nuclear arsenal, what matters is that they have them and the States and the world clearly see the double standard they apply on both countries.

    Now we are in the midst of a real weapons race, nuclear in this region now, and we can kiss our future development good bye.

  8. Abu Arron

    Unfortunately, the U.S. seems to have decided that they are the world’s police force and because of their petulant, self-centred approach to most international issues, their credibility (and the willingness of anyone to take heed) is waning fast.

    If we could take the U.S. out of the picture (yeah, I know) and listened carefully to the other countries in the world (especially around the Gulf), the opinion would be pretty much the same – OK, totally convince us that your development of nuclear power would not be abused and you can go ahead in peace.

    I cannot argue the issue of double standards. However, do two wrongs make a right?

    I agree totally with your point regarding a nuclear arms race. The distraction to local development would be total – fiscal, political and moral. An awful fate to contemplate.

  9. Post

    What irks me most about these situations is the speed at which the piper is followed to one’s destruction. Every single time!

    So Iran through their incompetent president goes nuclear. Fails to allay the world’s fears of the peaceful nature of their program by virtue of the rising rhetoric of said president and rather than the local powers trying to convince the neighbour to accede to the world’s worry and ameliorate the situation, we get our own countries jumping on the band-wagon!

    I think America was blind-sided with this one, and the bankers in Russia, China, Germany and France are rubbing their palms profusely for the silly amount of money they are about to receive for “transfer of knowledge” projects.

    Money which is sorely needed here for our own educational, economic and social development.

    And the pied piper is ready with his next tune…

  10. Abu Arron

    There does seem to be an unhealthy willingness to run towards Armageddon as quickly as possible. The world has gone mad and gets crazier every day.

    Maybe the Book of Revelations in the Bible is correct, we all have to witness, and suffer, the pain of Hell before the world can be truly saved. Uncharacteristally heavy and pessimistic for me. So much so that I will now adopt the ostrich approach and bury my head in the sand!!!

  11. M

    “I think America was blind-sided with this one, and the bankers in Russia, China, Germany and France are rubbing their palms profusely for the silly amount of money they are about to receive for “transfer of knowledge” projects.”

    I don’t think so cause, because of their past history, particularly with Saddam, you would have to expect it to be standard operating procedure and no surprise to anyone. Think it’s more of a case there is nothing to be done about it other than bitch and complain after the fact. After all, that is pretty much all the world has left to do in terms of options; boy am I depressed. Thanks for the post, Mahmood. 🙁

  12. allergic_to_everything

    >>Allergic to everything, who are you writing about?

    The owner of this blog who is analogous (sp?) to a fish in a pond writing about life in the ocean.

  13. docspencer

    Mahmood 11: I agree with you about this topic. What could the US have done? We are very concerned about an Israeli nuclear response if Ahmedinejad gets a chance to deliver on his promise about Israel. I don’t know what we could have done. Maybe something to delay these developments.

    Humanity has a very good side and a very destructive side. We have seen it now in two world wars. In some African nations it’s even worse. And we see it in Iraq. And this is in a world now that can be more destructive or more beneficial, depending on how large groups, tribes – not even countries – choose to proceed. Education and a better standard of living everywhere in the poor nations would be pretty much the only thing that could save us.

    I think it will turn out right, but we, humanity, are going through a terrible period now. Just my opinion.


  14. Barry

    Allergic_to_everything: Mahmood has never ranted about me, and in fact, we get along great! We are even Flickr buddies!

    Also, blogs are inherently biased, that’s what they’re all about, giving the author’s opinion of something. If you want obective analysis, then go read a few peer reviewed academic journals.

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