Mahmood’s Den Scapegoat of the Moment: SBG!

Yep, it’s that time again where we carry on the tradition of the Den and hereby declare that as I shall be enjoying the environs of Doha and reveling in the brainfood provided by the Rand Corporation’s Creative Use of the Media for Tolerance & Understanding conference in which I shall be speaking of my personal experiences with blogging and harassment, I would like to announce that for the next 3 days, you are required to blame anything bad happening in the world on…


Silly Bahraini Girl!


So if there is a tornado somewhere, it’s SBG’s doing; if a plane crashes and burns a whole town, it’s also her doing; if war breaks out anywhere in the world, it’s SBG to blame, and even Bush can blame her for the horrendous and completely impolite receptions he has had to endure during his 5 nation South American tour!

So go ahead… spill your hear and tears, SBG is to blame!

Especially after teasing me mercilessly with attending the Orchids show in Toronto


  1. Redbelt

    Its all your fault!
    I am currently writing a list of all the things you screwed up (in a red daftar bu arb3een), you can collect it later.

  2. Bonsaimark

    You unmitigated TWIT SBG. How dare you TEASE us with 70 degree weather only to sprinkle in some ICE and SNOW 36 hours later. Have you no shame??? As this winter wasn’t bad enough. One would think you of all people would share some respect for others concerning your own climatic locale.

    Well CONGRATS anyway for joining this most exclusive club. There are few of us and even fewer like YOU! :angry:

  3. sillybahrainigirl

    Mahmood, I agree. It is all my fault. But can we limit the toll on innocent people’s lives! I am in the I-want-to-make-peace-with-the-world phase of my life today!

    Redbelt, LOL! Daftar bu arb3eeen 3aad! I will need a bu 60 .. bu 100!! Forgive me God.. for I have sinned.

    Bonsaimark, you know I am shameless 🙂 And as a punishment, there will be MORE snow and cold coming your way soon! Your drive way will be blocked and you will have to shovel snow to dig yourself out of your house!!

  4. Tracy

    Well, okay, I will blame everything on Silly Bahraini Girl, but I won’t like it…or will I? :devil:

  5. M

    Well, it was 50 degrees today after two weeks of 10 to 20 below and a foot of snow. Thought we were out of the woods until I read your comment to Bonsaimark and checked the weather report for the weekend as we have plans to travel. Sure enough there is snow coming. :angry:

    Wasn’t good enough to just dump on him, huh? Had to go an ruin everyone’s weekend. I blame you; and when your ears start burning, you’ll know who is “thinking” of you!

    Bet you’re also responsible for Tom too! :whistle:

  6. amer al zuhair

    Hi, I’d like to ivite you over to my blog
    you like films, and I thought you might like to take a look.

    you think RAND would be interested?

    How’s Bassam AL Thawwadi’s last film?

  7. sillybahrainigirl

    LOL! Spammers have always been my fault. But can I please tell Amer Al Zuhair that Bassam Al Thawadi rocks..and although I haven’t seen his latest film yet, I have the script … which .. ehem.. I translated for the big screen!!

  8. Lujayn

    SBG, leave me alone!!! Six billion-plus people on this planet and I get ALL the projects and deadlines? (psssst, can I interest you in unleashing your “generosity” on my co-workers?)

  9. amer al zuhair


    bassam is afriend of mine, and I wish him the best.

    I don’t understand though how the translation could be based on the script only.
    usually, some changes is bound to happen in the dialogue during the shooting, which, to my knowledge, necessitates translating from the footage itself for accuracy reasons.

  10. sillybahrainigirl

    Amer, emmm… since it is all my fault .. allow me to do some explanation: I first translated the script.. and then made changes after the filming – when Bassam sent the voice clips over. Since the translation was only needed during editing, we had control on what went in and what did not.

  11. Bernie

    Well my new camera is proving to be not so good as advertised so as it’s your fault SBG, what are you going to do about it?

  12. sillybahrainigirl

    In my humble opinion, you can’t skimp on a camera. I would return it to where I got it from if I can.. and invest a little bit more on something more worthwhile. After all, how many times do you buy a new camera? It is a decision you regret .. trust me!! Get yourself the Nikon D200 or something like that. LOL!

  13. Bonsaimark


    Did you check out Bernie’s web site? Of course you didn’t and of course it is YOUR FAULT you didn’t. I think Bernie knows more about cameras than all of us put together! :shocked:

  14. sillybahrainigirl

    Ouch! that hurts Mark.. but then I am silly.. and yes.. it is my fault .. Sorry Bernie.. about the camera… but if you are free when I am in London next month, I can give you a free tutorial on how to make the most of any camera. LOL!!!

  15. M

    When is Mahmood coming back so things will get back to normal?

    Now the stupid weather guy is saying for the next 24 hours a foot of snow followed by several inches of rain and flooding followed by maybe an inch of ice. Boy when you screw up, you really screw up. Now cut it out :angry:

  16. Bernie

    SBG, it’s fine. I would love the free camera tutorial when you are next in London and if you are free for lunch then all the better. :biggrin:

  17. Post

    Thanks very much for being a good sport and holding the fort SBG. I’m just back at home, so you’re off the hook!

    The conference was brilliant by the way, and I am thrilled to have made some new friends and even more so listening to passionate and committed people to various causes. It was very enriching.

    I’ll be posting a summary tomorrow sometime, for now however, thanks again SBG.

  18. Jmo

    M BABY, It was great to meet you at the Rand conference. You were def the star. I have been to too many conferences in my life and often about half way through felt like a stunned carp that’s been on ice for 8 hours.
    Your presentation was absolutely brilliant. I hope you did not get arrested upon landing in Bahrain. Anyway I am off to Beirut tomorrow. But so you know I have linked my blog The Green Line to yours. Here is the url:

    All the best, and stay in trouble

  19. Post
  20. Silver

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    I always enjoy reading your bloggs, i almost check it every day. I recently started by own blog site. i would like to invite you and you readers to have a look at my site and please leave a comment.

    I know you like to encourage people to express there thoughts, so you support will highly appreciated.

  21. Post
  22. Post
  23. Jmo


    How would you like it if I made a documentary about you? Think about it. I am def game.

    Jmo :devil:

  24. Post

    That should last about 30 seconds Jerry! :biggrin:

    If there is something in it though, I wouldn’t mind, it should be fun.

  25. naddooi

    Mahmood, webe! and btw:

    I blame you for the moonlit sky
    and the dream that died
    with the eagle’s flight
    I blame you for the moonlit nights
    when I wonder why
    are the seas still dry?

    dunno, i read the words blame, and that came to mind, now i gotta find something to get it OUT of my mind! :silly:

  26. Post

    oh man you’re showing your age there, or you have a fetish for the 80s naddooi, and you cannot blame me for that!

  27. Post
  28. naddooi


    Oh yeah, the 80’s! 😎

    the clothes, the make-up, the leg warmers, the hair… :w00t:

    80’s music… i’m either showing my age, or the real lack of good radio stations we have in this region, and their inability to keep up with the times! or maybe its the DJs?… ahem…

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