It’s over

I’m glad to inform you that the libel case levied against me by the minister of agricultural affairs and municipalities Mansour bin Rajab has officially been dropped this morning and the judge has accepted our joint signed document.

As such, I have removed the gag!

I’ll blog more about the whole experience at a later date, maybe even write a book, goodness knows I have enough material to fill a few pages up!

Thanks once again to everyone for your invaluable support especially to Adel Marzooq and Fatima Al-Hawaj for their tremendous unselfish efforts exerted on my behalf.


  1. Ali Al Saeed

    Mabrook Mahmood… finally you can put this whole saga to bed and move on!

    And hey how about the Mahmood Al Yousif version of Erin Brockovich :tongue: We can throw in a few “action” sequences while we’re at it

  2. Finlandi

    Congrats Mahmood.. and may you never blog your way to court again!
    …unless you have to… 😎

  3. Ibn

    Mabrook Mahmood! You might have removed the gag, but im telling you – in the year 2067, this inidividual WILL pass a law calling for everyone to wear their kilots on the outside! 😛


  4. Abu Arron

    Thank Goodness. Nice to see the happy smiley face again. Congrats :biggrin:

  5. أبو الكلام

    Well, Congratulations!

    It turned out to be a lot better than my expectations, even in terms of procedure and legal precedent in Bahrain.

    I am really glad at this outcome for the law in Bahrain and for you and your family, Mahmood.

    Unfortunately, precedents do not have any significance in Bahrain though; and, the Judge must have decided to “err” in favour of correct interpretation of the law, as I argued and called for on this blog, a few months back. I am curious though, whether he would have done so if the appeal process was wide open/expected.

    In such a case, he would have – as well – tagged along and tracked the prevailing wrong interpretation as previously explained, in my own blog (not published yet).

  6. Bonsaimark

    Congrats my friend! It is so nice to see your mug without that GAG wrapped around it! I am sure this is a big relief for you as well.

    Hope to see you soon. Shawarma’s are on me!


  7. Bernie

    I can’t even begin to say how pleased I am about this decision. Congratulations Mahmood. :w00t:

  8. Post
  9. mishmish

    Mahmood, I am very pleased for you that this one is over.

    Perhaps in future let’s enjoy more of the kind of pieces in the style of the ‘Welcome to Bahrain’ you did yesterday — these are witty and hilarious, nobody can complain, but the message comes through loud and clear. :biggrin:

  10. lifexhistory

    I don’t think I’ve been following your posts long enough to know what this is all about– but I’ve been following long enough to know I want to wish you congratulations anyway!

  11. Vincent

    Congratulations, Mahmood. That’s tremendous news! Nice to see the good guys win one once in awhile 🙂

  12. Tracy

    Congratulations Mahmood.

    Let’s not forget the Egyptian bloggers, who seem to be dropping like flies in fear of being arrested and given long prison terms.

    With apologies to New Hampshire, Blog Free or die….err, or something like that.

  13. Phoebe

    Congratulations Mahmood! What a relief!

    Good to see you the other evening…your painting awaits.


  14. Moclippa

    Congrats Mahmood!

    He’s dropped and brought it up again, is it positive its done for good this time?

  15. Post

    Yeah it’s positive, I confirmed it yesterday with his lawyer and it’s in the papers this morning.

  16. Troy Z

    Now that we have confirmation, I can celebrate your relief. This is good to hear. All the best to you and your family.

  17. Moclippa

    Excellent! I’m really glad to hear that! Good job getting through that shit!

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