Congrats Iraq!

Iraq’s captain Younis Mahmood header clinched the Asian Cup championship to a well-deserving Iraq!

The final (which I did not watch but just as happy for the result) between two Arab giants Saudi and Iraq must have been a nail-biter, but as we are all rooting for some good news for Iraq and Iraqis I am very happy for their win which undoubtedly will unite a chaotic country and people. I just hope that the terrorists will at least give Iraqis some respite to celebrate this victory, but knowing the bastards, their motive is anything but unity. I pray that they will be overcome and give Iraq back her soul.

Hard luck to our Saudi neighbours too. They undoubtedly have played a good match too.

The Iraqi team celebrating
I know this picture looks very gay, but there is a better one after the break! šŸ˜†

Iraq crown the champions of the Asia Cup in football
picture credits Asia Cup


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  2. Ammar

    they played well; they deserve it. Also, it gives the iraqis one reason to be a united country again, no matter what secular differences they have. For once, even though it may be short lived, a united iraq.

  3. Redbelt

    I cheered for Iraq until I saw the first half. bloddy faking injuries, lying, kicking saudis in thier faces and nuts.
    uncalled for and really erased all good memory I had of them.
    I was hoping they’d be brothers and play fair, but the Iraqis played dirty.
    Congrats for winning the cup, shame about losing ethics

  4. underthepalmtree

    Congratulations for all Iraqi people.

    It is always nice to see an underdog win.

    It wasn’t Sunni or Shia that won it was Iraqi.

  5. Merlin

    Does anyone care to comment about dubai’s frivolous PR show? They milked every last mile out the Iraqi team’s victory.

    Its like Sweden throwing a victory party for France winning the world cup. It was nothing more than another attempt to hijack the headlines and free ride to glory as the masters of arab leadership. As if.

  6. Post

    Let them enjoy it, they need that distraction more than most. As to the not-so-subliminal advertising, let’s just hope that it actually is genuine. An Arab (or his helper) was actually happy with an Arab achievement!

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