Friday Video – 14 Sept, ’07


This “real” video thingy is taking the whole day to finish and then upload, but hey, I enjoy it tremendously and I hope you like it.

I wish you a wonderful Friday, weekend, Ramadhan, Iftar, life, and every other good thing in your lives.


It’s about 50 megs! There’s a smaller YouTube version too now which should mangle it enough to be “reasonable” for poor Bahrainis, after taking permission from Batelco of course, although a little birdie tells me that a huge change is coming in that department!

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  • mdc
    14 September 2007

    I look forward to the Friday video every week, Mahmood. I am thrilled you take the time to do it and are willing to share a part of your life with so many. I just love the plants and flowers and am struck every week with the love and care that goes into you landscapes.

    Dogs look like they “own” the place, the birdbath was fun to watch, and I assume that was the elusive Filbert putting in a guest appearance at the end.

    Thanks again; have a wonderful Friday everyone.

Ramadhan Kareem!