• ammaro.com
    19 September 2007

    oh maaan, whats with you guys and short notices? and tommorows the computer show! Anyway, i’ll try to drop in and say hi, but i probably wont stay long.

  • lizardo
    19 September 2007


  • naddooi
    20 September 2007

    is that the place with the “biiiiiig, juuuuuuicy burger”? Sorry, i’m still trying to get over the connotations behind the latest ads!

  • ammaro.com
    20 September 2007

    yup, thats the one!

  • mahmood
    20 September 2007

    I’ve got that ad lying around somewhere actually… lemme see if I can dig it up and post it!

  • Silver Girl
    22 September 2007

    I keep missing the meetings and it upsets me everytime!

    Awaaal Emoodz and Butterfly bother to send me reminders. Looks like they gave up on me!

    Can’t we have email reminders on the Bahraini Bloggers Yahoo Group? 😕

    I hope you guys had a fruitful meeting.