Month: October 2007

Interests and friends

When Lord Palmerston said the eternal words which translate to a country does not (and should not) have perpetuals enemies nor allies, but permanent interests, who would have thought that we would see this tenet acted out in our very own parliament by two self-appointed stalwarts of political Islam in Bahrain to attain their own …

Building a community

Anwar had some excellent suggestions in a comment he posted earlier which I thought I would act on immediately. If you have any suggestion at all to make the site better and more interactive to help the growing community of Mahmood’s Garden, please do comment: I believe that it would be a good idea to …


Frangipani, originally uploaded by malyousif. I love these flowers, so unassuming but they are the ones that welcome me home every evening with their intoxicating smell. Being right opposite the garage gate ensures that we get a whiff of it every time we come home. Have a wonderful Friday my friends.