What were they thinking?

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shredded tyres dont win races

That magically the tires will heal themselves or if the canvas is not showing then the tires should be okay even though from intermediates they went slick?

What was Hamilton thinking – or was he at all – not to let the Finn past and just go in for a pit stop and come out on fresh rubber? Why isn’t he thinking of the championship but just thinking of the race?

Well, today, both team and driver had a big booboo on their faces because of taking things for granted like this.

Brazil is in two weeks’ time, and the championship is in a three-way split. For the fans this is brilliant of course but I have no sympathy for the team nor Hamilton because of this snaffu.

It’s anyone’s game now, but I would still put my money on Hami. In spite of his stupidity.

  • ash
    7 October 2007

    It was a daft mistake. I think it was a rare moment of immature decision-making by a lad still in his rookie year so realistically I guess one has to expect occasional lapses like this – and there have been remarkably few, considering.

    He’s still got a very good shot at the championship though and, for my money, even if he doesn’t quite pull it off this year, he’s nevertheless made his mark as the most exciting and talented driver out there right now.

    Did I mention that he’s British? 😉

  • Karimi
    7 October 2007

    Mmm.. I think it was the teams strategy? they took a big risk! I’m really happy for Kimi.. I hope he can clinch the title 😈

  • Salman
    7 October 2007

    I think they did this on purpose to give Alonso a chance to catch up to him.

    Everything goes corrupt, once it has a touch of Bahrain to it.

  • Mavis
    8 October 2007

    Don’t be so hard on him, it was a rookie mistake.

    I’m sure it won’t be repeated, and if it is, his team will take him “behind the woodshed,” to straighten him out.

  • eyad the great
    8 October 2007

    how did the race start at the first place, I mean it was too wet, this si crazy.

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