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Oriental garden

Oriental garden, originally uploaded by malyousif.

The plinth is built and Buddha is gracing it with his presence. I’m glad that this phase is over now, the basic construction and infrastructure. Now I can really concentrate on the plants and to bring it to life.

The observant amongst you would have noticed yet another name change to this patch! It is now officially “The Buddha Patch” which I think is much more appropriate and gives me a bit more flexibility as to the overall theme I want to adopt for this area of my garden. It will still be “oriental” in nature, but because of the unavailability of appropriate plants and material to that end in Bahrain, I shall strive to maintain at least the atmosphere of a Japanese/Oriental theme.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

In-progress and overhead pictures after the break

The Buddha plinth
Buddha Patch overview
  • meggie whetstone
    17 October 2007

    Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum is a nice purple leaved Japanese maple, also there are green/gold variegated ones. For delicacy of foliage Acer Dissectum gives lovely feathery copper coloured fronds. They are mainly for architectural form.

    For your trellis, there is a Clematis with yellow lantern-shaped flowers ( can’t remember the exact name) which could provide a pretty Oriental backdrop to your tableau.

    They could be nice.

  • meggie whetstone
    17 October 2007

    Forgot to mention this in my last.

    Have you got a nice little water feature? (You can get low voltage ones nowadays, some of them even work well off a solar cell.)

    There is nothing quite so merry and cheerful as the sound of running water as it courses over a bed of bright shiny pebbles. Sheltered area is best for

    a. Not getting dead leaves and soil blown into the water
    b. Not losing the re-circulating water due to windage.
    c. Not getting drenched every time you step outdoors.


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