Month: November 2007


Spent, originally uploaded by malyousif. Some of the Aloe Vera flowers are looking rather spent. The bulbuls love their nectar and regularly visit the garden to hang on the Aloe’s stalk while they suck the nectar out. I’m still to get a good picture of this delicate operation… Regardless, have a wonderful Friday everyone!

The Bulbs are On

I finally got the chance to plant the bulbs in the new Cuttings Patch this afternoon. I’ve also moved the bulbs that have already produced leaves in there too; those would be the Gladiolus and the Lilies. The bulbs are planted are: 30x Oxalis Deppei – Four leaf clover 60x Liatris Spicata 30x Gladiolus Callianthus …

Annapolis here we come!

As if that was in any doubt whatsoever. What are they going to achieve is preordained of course; here’s a glimpse: Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations grudgingly agreed Friday to attend next week’s U.S.-sponsored Mideast peace conference, despite failing to get any guarantee of Israeli concessions. See, this is politics, it is the art …