Month: December 2007

Happy 2008

Happy 2008, originally uploaded by malyousif. I wish you all a peaceful, happy, fun filled and prosperous new year my friends. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have your company in 2007 and hope for your continued company in 2008. update! 071231@2126L – Hang on a minute guys, I just got a …

Loving Failure

“Loss of face” is the single most damaging facet of Arab existence. Because of it, wars have been waged, egos tormented and even dishonour exhumed from the most unlikely crevasses of our psyche. We cannot be seen to fail. Ever. Yet, how are we to progress if we refuse to recognise that in order to …

Go away!

Rose-ringed parakeets at the water dish, originally uploaded by malyousif. The pair just were not happy with this (female) intruder. I suspect that it is one of their last year’s broods and can’t seem to get rid of her! Have a much peaceful Friday my friends.