The Oriental Patch’s water feature

Just finished installing the new (old) pond/water fall at its new location. Unfortunately I discovered that the pump has given up the ghost, so I have to go out and find a replacement tomorrow…

The Oriental Patch's water featureNevertheless, I think the water feature really brings out this part of the garden. What’s an “Oriental garden” without a water feature?

Well, I couldn’t let the area around the pond go to waste, can I? Of course not. So I mixed in a whole bag (50 liters) of compost and planted the following seeds and bulbs:


  • Mahmood
    22 December 2007

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement pump? It’s a 50W thingy with a half-inch hose connection. I bought this water feature from Jassim Trading a while ago but they said that they only get just one pump per feature! Can you believe that? That means they do not have any replacement pumps even if one feature in their stock goes inoperative, let alone leaving some spare for their customers.

    I went to the usual suspects (Manazel etc) but they didn’t have any. Al-Bader Pools opposite the police fort in Manama did have some, but at BD56 per pump I thought it was daylight… well, I didn’t think that the price was reasonable, considering that I bought the whole thing for just over double that price.

    Al-Mahroos was closed today. A lot of vendors suggested I check with them. I’ll do that tomorrow.

    But failing getting any job from Al-Mahroos, I will have to drive to Saudi and get one from Al-Sultan from which I bought an excellent pump for BD25 which I am using in the new feature now.

    Apart from the pump, anyone know where I can get small pond accent lights?

  • Ahspice
    23 December 2007

    May moon-beams reflect… water for partched birds… perhaps golden fish shaded ‘neath a lilly…


  • Ahspice
    23 December 2007

    Parched lily my spelling has gone silly… ! Thank you for this site.


  • Anwar Y Abdulrahman
    26 December 2007

    You can get these small accent lights fm Universal Lighting in Sitra Highway.

  • Mahmood
    28 December 2007

    I finally got a replacement pump! I got it from a place I just assumed that they would never stock such a thing. There I went this morning and on a whim I asked the sales guy if they have them, he pointed and I saw a shelf-full of pumps! They were priced at BD23 for the smaller and BD26 for the larger variety. I got the larger one, two bags of 25kgs river stones, a couple of packets of seeds (allysum and hare’s tail annual grass for the new water feature) and a big turtle (garden ornament)!

    Where was this from?

    Old Jassim!

  • Mahmood
    2 January 2008

    Thanks Anwar, I’ll check with them next time I’m in the area. My friend got his pond lights from Amazon for about $20 (and that’s landed in Bahrain!) so I might have a quick look at what Amazon has to offer.

    By the way, sorry for the system holding your comment for so long. It (and two of your other comments) was held in the spam queue for some reason. I think Akismet was a bit too aggressive on Christmas day!