Mahmood’s Den Scapegoat of the moment

In keeping with the Den’s traditions, I have the honour in announcing the Scapegoat of the Moment who will have the unbridled responsibility of carrying ALL of the world’s ills on her shoulder; moreover, she will have to wear a beaming smile while doing so. Frowning and grumbling she is absolutely not allowed.

This she will do while I freeze my butt off in Washington DC and New York until my return to the homeland on March 7th.

Therefore, without further ado, I hereby announce that the Mahmood’s Den Scapegoat of the Moment to be:

bint Battuta!”

So if you wake up with a huge wart on your forehead, it’s bint Battuta’s fault; if you get food poisoning, it’s her doing; if Obama folds to Hillary, it’s absolutely bint Battuta’s doing. If it starts snowing in Bahrain at 40 degrees C, you know who is to blame; if you crash your car, you can bet that she had something to do with it.

You get the picture, I think.

My friends, go ahead and lay the blame at her feet without an atom of guilt, so let it rip and unwind, courtesy of the famed female traveller! šŸ˜€


  1. Bernie

    Well I’m not going to give you a hard time because I’m a recovering Catholic as well. I learned in my teens to enjoy the guilt. šŸ˜€

  2. Redbelt

    Bint Battuta
    Some one backed up on my prized car? Who’s fault is that?
    To make matters worse: You got me a heired car that I’d have to walk 20 minutes to in the midday sun effectively making me skip my lunch.
    Also, I have piles and piles of work, piles and piles of assignment for college, a relative of a friend passed away today AND I am too broke to just get a ticket and run away from all of this to madgascar.
    Not that you’ll let me land in one piece, that is.
    Could you, like, stop sending all this misfortune towards me and pick a guy with only one problem, like ammaro? And fix all that up pronto!

  3. Abu Arron

    Religion has nothing to do with guilt.

    27 years of marriage has taught me that if anything goes wrong it’s my fault. It doesn’t matter whether I was involved or not, where in the world I might have been, or even if I had any decision rights whatsoever.

    However, I should state my undying gratitude for her unrelenting educational sessions.

  4. Ali

    Having trouble gaining access to my hotmail account for the past few hours, I decided to google the net to see if it is just me who’s facing the problem or the rest of the world. Reports say that all 280 millions hotmail accounts are having all sorts of troubles and Microsoft Engineers are working to fix them. Bint Battuta, it’s all your fault!

  5. steve the american

    The bad news is that my Hotmail went down, too, and yes, it’s Bint Battuta’s fault.

    The good news for Mahmood is that it’s relatively warm for DC right now, jacket weather instead of coat weather. Mahmood may not freeze his butt off after all. The dark lining to this cloud is that this warm spell is undoubtedly due to global warming engineered by Bint Battuta, who heated DC up for Mahmood at humankind’s expense.

  6. bint battuta

    All of you: I’m sorry! It was me! I am totally to blame!
    (The great thing about Catholicism is confession; say you’re sorry and start all over again… šŸ˜† )

  7. mdc

    Nice job, bint battuta. Wasn’t enough we’ve had record snowfall this year. You just felt compelled to dump another 8 inches overnight. I hope you are happy that I was late for work, because I couldn’t get out of my own driveway.

    I love New England as much as the next guy, but I heard there is more on the way for the weekend. Could you just stop already????? šŸ˜„

  8. Abu Arron

    What I want to know is how bb arranged an earthquake in England!! 5.4 on the Richter scale, properties in the North suffered structural problems and a total damages bill of 26 fils. The mind boggles.

  9. Post

    We’ve arrived back home last night, so Bint Battuta is off the hook, officially!

    Thanks for being such good sports.

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