Summer seasonals

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This long weekend has been pure gardening pleasure so far. On Thursday, I mowed the lawn and strimmed all the edges too. That took most of the day at the end of which I was happily tired. Needless to say that sleep last night came fast and deep!

After a good night’s sleep, I woke up at 5am raring to go. I intended to trim the climbers so I thought to visit Manazil to buy an electric hedge trimmer, unfortunately they didn’t have them. I’ll go to Almahroos tomorrow to see if I can get one.

Next on the list is buying enough summer annuals to fill the empty borders; I got 80 gazanias, 60 portulacas and about 100 other regular stuff that I can’t remember the names off (will be corrected tomorrow!) as well as four 50L bags of compost, those went into the borders first as I mixed the compost in to air and rejuvenate the soil.

I planted the various annuals in 4 areas; gazanias went into the “tear-drop” and the small area by the small pond at the back; portulacas went in the front path borders. I punctuated the borders with rosemary and crutons in clumps, I hope the arrangement will work.

By the time I was done just after lunch I was absolutely bushed, again! I showered, had lunch and dozed off at the sofa. My wife and son decided that I might be better off in bed, I didn’t complain too much! Off to a siesta I went – a thing I hadn’t done in years – and had a good 3 hours exhausted sleep. Even though I woke at 7pm, I’m still sleepy and it’s only a couple of hours later!

Anyway, I’ve got a nice task-list for tomorrow and hope that I get through it fine. My regular gardener is on holiday at the moment and his replacement was useless. I had to fire him. Regardless, there is work to be done and as I only have the weekend to actually do things in the garden now, I am thankful for this long weekend to accomplish as much as I could in it.

I hope that you had a wonderful gardening time too. Let me know what you’re planting, particularly if you are in Bahrain, and maybe we can share ideas.

With eggs on some faces, Hayfa sang!