Of course the ministers were cleared!

Municipalities and Agriculture Affairs Minister Mansoor bin Rajab – who had been accused of financial, administrative and constitutional irregularities – was cleared by a parliamentary committee yesterday.


Cabinet Affairs Minister Shaikh Ahmed bin Ateyatala Al Khalifa had always denied keeping Bahrain’s population explosion a secret.

However, he was let off the hook yesterday by a parliamentary committee, which decided no action should be taken against him.

Let’s forget the ministers’ alleged culpability and mismanagement for a second, both of them, and let us just consider the issues of how they were questioned, how MPs themselves – the supposed defenders of the masses who elected them and that thing called the constitution – have unashamedly sided and sidled to their chosen minister and how the questions were chosen and framed.

To me, the questions in both cases were oratorical more than they were seeking to probe and find truths on which a decision could be based, or even allow the minister in question to realise that he does have people watching over his ministry’s actions and that he will be held responsible for its performance. The “facts” gathered by MPs were second-hand hearsay rather than damning evidence; and over and above these considerations, MPs positions was premeditated based solely on the whether the minister belonged to their sect.

Should we really be surprised that the emperor was proven – once again – to actually be naked?

Carry on chums!

Brilliant performance, and to hell with the country.

Now where did I put that countdown script?


  1. anon

    لحظة عيل شحقه الجرايد اليوم كاتبة ان بن رجب مدان Ùˆ ان امس صارت هوشة بين النواب Ùˆ الوفاق؟ مو قلنالكم من قبل هالبرلمان ما منه لا فايدة Ùˆ لا عايدة شاطرين بس بالصراخ Ùˆ الهواش لكن ما تلقى منهم شي فحزة الصجية …. Ùˆ مالت عالبمبر …. ليت الناس بس تتأدب المرة الياية Ùˆ هي تختار نوابها 🙁

  2. Post

    الفيلم قيد التحميل و انشالله بعجبك

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