1. Steve the American

    I saw a lot of these cars in Italy a couple years ago. They are just now showing up in Washington, DC. I’ve seen perhaps half a dozen. They make a lot of sense to me if you do most of your driving in the city where parking is at a premium. Often, cars are parked so close together than no normal car can fit between them, except a Smart car like this. Gas prices in the USA are gonna keep climbing so I imagine we’ll see more of these.

    International orange is probably the smartest color for a Smart car, which can be hard to see. Othewise, I can see a dull-colored Smart car being kicked like a soccer ball down the road by some delivery truck or bus.

    Evidently, the Smart car was launched here in the US at the beginning of the year with gas powered ones going for $12K and an all-electric coming for $35K. The gas one could make economic sense but the electric model is for rich hobbyists. The problem with electric cars and hybrids is that you have to replace their battery after five years, which costs something like $5K. That makes electric cars economically inferior to gas cars. The normal joe is not going to be able to afford that, nor is a car loan company going to finance that.

  2. coolred38

    It should be our legal right to pick one of these up and pocket it if we find it barring our path. Should be only fair…u leave your toys scattered round…finders keepers. 😆

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  5. Jay Lenno

    I think I see 2 things here..Correct me if I am wrong.

    The cars..Nice!!
    + No Parking…hmm
    Maybe The parking Tickets should be handed to Urben Planners?

  6. Jay Lenno

    WOW…Someone painted The Plate?
    OK..OK…which one of u guys did it?
    Is that ticket for Real?…Could be someones Bank Recipt (ATM)?

  7. aka88

    I’m in love with those cars , does anyone have any idea about how much it costs in bahrain and who’s their dealer?

  8. Randy Waite

    Stupid cars, Stupid owners. The smart car is a POS IMHO. MPG are that of the Toyota Corolla which is a more reliable vehicle and costs the same. The Smart Car is way too small and requires premium fuel at great expense. I rode in one on the freeway and thought we were going to die. Such idiots.

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