The pompousity of a useful fool

Saidi, with tail firmly between his legs, forced to apologize

MP Al-Saidi says he notices double standards in Britain’s foreign policy towards the Kingdom of Bahrain and its people. He pointed out: “At a time when the British Government says it is eager to reinforce the relations between Manama and London, we notice that it disregards the fact that those with whom it meets violate the law and the ancient Arab norms.”

Al-Saidi criticized the easy way in which London-based Bahraini political figures are granted British nationality, the right to political asylum, and financial aid.
Alsharq Alawsat 4 Aug 08

I really don’t know how this guy finds the time to mount his own chosen crusades which appear to be one a day and all of which have the veneer or propriety but all one has to do is scratch the surface to smell the stench of a conspiratorial mind filled with sectarian hatred.

In this case, the pretentious being trounces on yet another human right, that of freedom of expression, simply to continue to mount his personal vendetta against all those who dare to oppose his alternate reality. It is not strange at all then to reading this additional worthless issuance of his in yet another exposed attempt at further ingratiating himself to those who must regard him as nothing more than a useful fool.

Rock on “shaikh”. You are proof positive that a fool at 40 is a fool for ever.


  1. ball


    Who voted for this imbecile?

    Well paid Pakistani and Jordanian mercenaries who magically become “Bahrainis” upon entrance to the country and joining the military/riot police special forces!

  2. Post

    yes I did Salman, just proves me right for supposing that this guy is an unstoppable machine. with no concern for how laughable (and pitiable) he makes our country look.

  3. mommy i love you

    Ummm…let me get this straight.

    King = Cool dude
    PM = Cool dude
    Crown Prince = Cool dude
    Saeedi = Not cool dude

    Have we so quickly forgotten that the prime minister and crown prince gave their full support to Saeedi last Ramadan when they visited him in his Ramadan tent?

    And yet the formers are praised on this blog week in and week out and the latter isn’t (not that I’m defending him — f*** him)

    Any logicians in the house capable of rationalizing a completely irrational viewpoint that praises the three amigos and criticizes the Wahabi nutcase who is nothing more than a proxy?

    Reminds of the verse

    أسد علي وفي الحروب نعامة

  4. Post
    الله Ùˆ اكبر… شعنده عنتر سال سيفه Ùˆ راكب خيله Ùˆ يصيح چارج بأعلى صوته يطغي على الطغاة Ùˆ ينتصر للمستضعفين؟ لا والله إلى انشوفه مو هو إلى فار ممحون يصاوي Ùˆ يسب Ùˆ ينخش ورى اسامي مستعاره مثل ويهه.

    روح حق أمك حق إتلحسك يشوي زياده تالي تعال إتكلم مع الكبار

    مالت عليك من عنتر!

  5. Salman

    Mahmood, whatever the hell that was supposed to be, it sure as hell made me laughed until my lungs shriveled up!

  6. Post
  7. heraish

    He would argue that its better to have these types of mercenaries rather then allowing the mercenaries of Iran to come into power. Neither his view nor yours is completely correct in my view.

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