Yellow Box Junctions – What are they good for?



Article 47 from Traffic Law of the year 1979

When the traffic stops or slows down in a way that may result in traffic confusion, the driver in spite of his right of the road or the green traffic light or any signal allowing him to pass must not enter a junction if he is going to stop when he reached there. Anybody having the right of road may give it up if the traffic necessitates it, in which case any other driver may not make use of this unless he is sure that he has been given the way.

Drivers should not enter the Yellow Box when other vehicle are preventing them from leaving, even if they have got a green lights [sic].


Anyone want to comment on what the Traffic Department is good for? Anyone? Anyone?

  • Silverghost
    12 November 2009

    Actually, here is a little known fact about the Traffic Directorate. There is a traffic museum there – nobody knows about it but they have bahrain’s first traffic light and stuff like that.

    Hidden Bahrain 😉

  • Salah
    12 November 2009

    2 Things: police should be recording every single car in that yellow box and issue 50BD fines, and notify them by the end of the day by sms of what they have done.

    secondly, I highly encourage privatizing the traffic police force. Get some people with brains and build GIS systems that we are actually proud of, which can check traffic levels in every heavily used junction in Bahrain.. willing to pay 20BD a month as a subscription just to have one!! the traffic levels in the city these days are getting ridiculous ..


    • mahmood
      13 November 2009

      They’re not interested. Their main job doesn’t appear to be concerned with traffic as much as it is to clear the roads for the occasional dignitary pass.

      • Anonny
        15 November 2009

        Education would help. What would the best media channel be for the traffic department to show people the benefit of compliance with traffic laws and to educate road users of the benefits of things like yellow box junctions? ;^)

        • mahmood
          15 November 2009

          Implementing the fines by applying the law universally!

          The other bonus of course is that they will generate so much cash that they can invest back into the country’s depleting coffers.

  • Anonny
    13 November 2009

    I stop at box junctions if my exit isn’t clear – and the motorists behind me give me hell, honking and honking. Stupid of them.

    • mahmood
      13 November 2009

      I normally calmly get out and go to the honking dickhead asking him politely what he wanted. Much fun!

  • November
    18 December 2009

    I am so glad this is raised. i suffer every morning from people who don’t drive well and traffic officers not doing anything about it. Yellow box is an example, worst is when you are stuck in a lane for hours and someone drives in the wrong lane and just cuts you at the front of the line when its your turn. some people just think they own the road, the world and everything …