Month: January 2010


Bahraini Views, the series I created to celebrate inspirational Bahrainis opened my eyes to a lot of things about the Bahraini spirit. One is that we’re not “special”, two is that we’re just normal human beings with regular aspirations, emotions and expectations, and three, although we live in a tiny speck of a country that …

Funky seats by the pool

Funky seats by the pool, originally uploaded by malyousif. I wasn’t very sure of these seats at first. I put them in the office in the balcony for the staff to have a nice relaxing space, unfortunately that didn’t work. They complained that they belonged more at a nursery than an office! We’ll, it’s their …

Morning Glory

Morning Glory, originally uploaded by malyousif. Morning Glory is very pervasive and takes over everything in its path. We planted this along with 3 other types of creepers on the pool area wall and it looks really lovely especially in the morning. Have a wonderful weekend my friends.