Conversion in progress

Conversion in progress

Took this really interesting and clashing shot this morning at the BIC on the second day is the F1 weekend.

An Islamist society set up their missionary booth for the 6th year running in the entertainment area behind the main grand stand.

Not sure if they gained any conversions, but I did see a number I’d their give-away books in the rubbish, including the Quran unfortunately.

Is this the right venue for this?


  1. MBC

    It depends on the way the Islamic society approach the visitors. If they wait people to come and ask them about Islam then it would be just another way to exchange culture. But if they persuade visitors to converse like an annoying salesman then I think they should banned from the BIC.

  2. Hussain

    I assume they don’t approach people, as I’ve never seen them doing that. They seem like a friendly bunch, but I wish they’d put more liberal muslims to represent them, ones that look like you and me instead of bin laden.

    1. Muslim

      Hussain what do you exactly mean by looking like bin laden? ummm isn’t the word you were looking for more like looking like the prophet (PBUH)?!! These are the people you should look up to ok lets say u dont want to grow a beard thats up to way but act sarcastic about men who have beard and insulting th prophet’s sunna?!! You crossed your line and if I were you I would consider praying and begging Allah for mercy

      1. Post
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  4. Steve the American

    What, somebody threw a Koran in the trash and no mob formed in a fury in a riot that burned down some buildings and killed somebody? Cuz that’s the way it works when that happens in the West. And it doesn’t even have to be true, just shouted furiously that it did happen.

    You know, those hairy missionaries might have more luck if they went around singing their pitch like a mariachi band. It would certainly work better than dragging people back to the 7th century.

    What works best of course is women. The fundamentalist Christian churches all have singles groups. When the guys find out there are single women at church looking for dates, the churches get packed. Standing room only. Just an idea.

  5. Sayed

    I don’t see that the problem is related to the venue…on the contrary, BIC is a great venue…

    The problem is that many Islamists (no mater what their sub-religion is) are just closed minded and unable to understand the message of Islam.

    Unfortunately many of these groups, for example consider Bin Laden as a great Muslim, or at least share some of his extreme ideology.

    Although their look are not what matter more, but it may be also an indicator of how close-minded they are, to the extent of ignoring the nature of human being in appreciating the good appearance, in addition to appreciating the inner beauty.

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