Leader by force, or just a farce?

My friend Dina brought this article up in her Facebook update which I though was utterly hilarious and very symptomatic of our Arab states. Have a gawk at this:

Mubarak. The world leader.

Yep, my friends. To the uninitiated, this picture is the ultimate for the Arab Umma. An Arab (as old as the Pharaoh mind you) is leading the world leaders! Yippeee!


Do you not notice the bad cut and paste job in the picture? Do you notice the “halo” around the heads and very clear and inorganically cut bodies suggesting that they were just pasted there? How about the shadows and general demeanor of the Fab Five®? Does that not raise red flags?

Well, here’s the original:

Now do you notice the difference?

Absolutely ludicrous. Made even more so by this bad doctoring job was designed and published in the leading government paper in the largest Arab country. Yes, I know he might not have known about it nor sanctioned it directly, but believe me, this would not have happened if it’s not a condoned thing from the very top.

This is how things work in these here parts, people “take initiatives” like this because they want to appease those in power. Brown-nosing and sucking up is a stock and trade and has become an art form. Magazines and newspapers are nothing more than paid aggrandising machines rather than a tool for change to the better. If they were slapped by those on top for taking these fancies just once, they would not have continued to do such a stupid thing. So those on top must think that this is the way to go. This is the key to the populace’s hearts and minds. This is how they garner our love and affection. So yes, I do lay the blame on the supporting regimes for silly situations like these.

So. The Ancient One™ probably can’t walk as fast as the others and he’s lagging behind, in pace and probably mind too, owing to his ripe old age. But hey, he’s a “world leader” so I’d better shut my foul Arab mouth right?

He’s not the only one though and we know. We know that almost every single “Arab Leader™” makes use of intricate hair colouring, mustache trimming and dyeing, skin tightening, so much so that even if the wannabe-deity is actually closer to the grave than he cares to acknowledge, he still looks like a young and virile sprite!

And they want us to just shut down our senses, our intelligence and our faculties to believe, really believe that they’re a-okay. Probably thinking that if we did believe that they’re so healthy and okay, then by inference they’re also good enough to continue to rule. Not realising that the game is up and we know that they’re nothing more than a prettied up facade with a bad make-up job. Even Sabah could do better. No, I crossed the line there, sorry, that witch can’t!!

Well bubs, know that we will respect your memories and persons much more if you had retired at a reasonable age and move aside for younger blood (hopefully not related to your own) to take the helm. Yes, realise that you’re not god’s gift to this world and the hear-after and others can and will take up the reigns and the world will continue to revolve around the sun and day will surely follow night. With or without you.

Read about this ridiculous situation on the BBC.

  • Mike D
    16 September 2010

    Notice to that Hosni’s tie hangs to H’s right in the real picture (everyone elses is straight), but in the doctored, global leader mode his tie hangs to his left. far be it from me to question on which side a gentalman hangs. But is there anyone out there with experience of airbrushing people in/out of of history who could explain the cut ‘n’ paste gymnastics needed to acheive this?

    • Yacoob
      17 September 2010

      I think simply mirroring his image would get the effect done. Notice the positions of his hands and feet.

  • exclamation mark
    17 September 2010

    I think this happens in all the arab world with no exception… I doesn’t have to be an altered picture..

    If you know what I mean !

  • Mike
    17 September 2010

    The only thing more spine chilling than the doctored pic is the implication that Bambi is leading the world……….

  • Robert
    21 September 2010


    It’s Deity not Diety – unless you think something else was afoot.

    And what about those bloody posters everywhere of the RF? For a Muslim country to be so obviously worshiping images seems strange – or ironic. You would think the KH and others would say “enough already – I’m fed up with seeing my bloody picture all over the place”

    • mahmood
      21 September 2010

      Ah, thank you!

      As to the faces, well, if they weren’t condoned or even tolerated, they wouldn’t be there. Just a word and you’ll see how fast they would come down.

Damn it was intense!