Wake up calls…

Read Eric Goldstein’s articles in Foreign Policy if you have a chance. The gist of it is the realisation which should be visited to all heads of state is this:

A government that crushes dissent and censors the media might preside over relative prosperity and make the trains run on time, but its real stability remains in doubt as long as its citizens cannot express grievances through peaceful and open channels.

Need I transpose the paragraph above to our media and freedom of expression situations in Bahrain?

Oh and another thing, slap as much make-up on a sow but the pig will remain a pig. So fixing the situation is not only the necessary thing to do, but the smart thing that will ensure longevity.

The flurry of announcements by senior government and ruling family officials since Friday last are exemplary, and the various meetings with the plebs too, but action is what is needed now, not words and not public relations.

Simple gestures like reforming the constitution, the press and criminal laws and allowing independent and free media organisations would be a good start to rebuild a solid foundation.

Just sayin’


  1. Anonny

    That thing about Facists making the trains run on time? It’s a myth. Nazi Germany’s trains were just as tardy as anyone else’s.

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