I’m back!

Hello my friends! I missed you!

I can’t thank you enough for your generous support over the last couple of days. They have been very difficult for my family and friends. I’m glad to say that I have been handled well enough while incarcerated. The authorities launched an investigation and I answered and defended myself as best I could. I’m happy to relate that they didn’t find anything indictable so they released me. I can’t thank them enough for this.

I must say that the allegations which appeared on Facebook and propagated unnecessarily and unfairly in itechbahrain complicated the situation appreciably. Although I did try to get itechbahrain and the Facebook pages to see their error, they insisted on spreading their malicious and completely unsubstantiated rumours, they were adamant in their beliefs. These might very well have resulted in the destruction of not just my own personal life, but those of my dependents, my family members, my staff and business. I’m glad their efforts have miserably failed.

I do hope; however, that they see the error of their ways now. I don’t want anything from these people, what I do want is what’s good for my country. As such, I offer them peace and ask them to please think before they spread dangerous information. The least they can do, is give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and double check their information before they publish it, especially when that information can have such a devastating effect as this has had.

What this country needs right now is the start of a much needed healing process. I promise you that this process of healing will continue to be my primary concern and I shall continue to contribute to it in any way that I can.

I also hope that as now the premise for my detention has been determined to be false; the responsible authorities will choose to dismiss any investigations, if any, in relation to anyone wrongfully mentioned in those despicable pictures.

Thank you all for your tremendous support. I am truly humbled by the outpouring of love and support I have seen. I’m still shell-shocked. My family is just about bruised and battered, but our own healing has already started very much aided but your love.

Stay safe my friends. We have a lot of work to do. Bahrain deserves all of our concerted efforts to achieve a better future for all.


  1. Muzafari

    7amdilla 3ala salmtik, glad to hear your fine and safe. Information has created havoc, I agree with you there.

  2. Anwar Alramadan

    الحمدلله على السلامه
    and welcome back..

  3. haitham

    حمدا ً لله على السلامة

  4. Justin Gengler

    Welcome back. At least you should benefit now from the so-called Barbara Streisand effect (whereby attempts to stop the spread of information actually leads to more people seeing it than would have been the case in the first place!).

  5. eyade

    Glad you’re back home, Mahmood.
    are you going ahead with legal action against the people behind the picture and itechBahrain?

  6. Dilmun

    Welcome back. Very pleased you are safe & well. Your detention was reported internationally so it has backfired on those responsible.

  7. Mojo jojo

    Welcome back.

    I know this might come off as a bit crass, but, did you get a meal from Jasmi’s?

    Hey, someone had to ask that…eventually.

  8. Yacoub

    الحمدلله على سلامتك
    I’m glad you’re back safe and sound, and the country is in dire need of healing and inshalla we can do that.

  9. Joker

    Good to have you back. I hope you and your family come out stronger inshalla.

    Love and peace.

  10. Mohd

    glad to see you back, I’m sure that this won’t effect your efforts to continue with your mission 🙂

  11. Sandee

    I had no idea! Horrible! Glad you’re home, safe, and with your family!

  12. Gillian O'Regan

    Hey Mahmood. Delighted you are free and fit to blog again. Curious to know how you can protect yourself from future libel, if the legal route is not recommended. Will the police reprimand those responsible or am I completely naive?

  13. Aiman Ali

    ألف ألف حمداً لله على سلامتك .. فرحنا جداً بعودتك سالماً

  14. Kate

    So good to hear the news that you are back home safe and sound. Take good care of yourself and your wonderful family, Kate, Tony, Alastair and Beth.

  15. layal

    الحمد لله علي السلامه محمود

  16. Salman Abdulrahim

    Mahmood – I know we did not agree in the past. But your detention is unacceptable. I am glad it is now over, and I continue to look forward to an honourable debate. Welcome back sir! Are you able to share with us exact details of the experience?

    1. chrisdrakeuk

      Now THIS is a fine example of what I’ve been told about the beauty of the people of Bahrain and has been so hard to find these last few weeks!
      Thank you for writing such kind words, Salman.

  17. NewSpeak

    Glad you are out unharmed and back with your family.

    I hope this will not deter you though from carrying on the mission for a better Bahrain.

    Your are blessed to have an international follwing.. so please use it as you have always done.. there are more than 300 political prisoners now in bahrain that I hope will get the same attention as you did and get their freedom to go back to their families as soon as possible.

    I cannot hid my worry and fear that the government is putting pressure on you and other bloggers to be silent on what is going on in bahrain.

    anyhow…welcome back!

  18. tabgilbert

    I just read about it on http://mondoweiss.net/ and is great to hear everything is ok. I have been reading your site for a long time and have always enjoyed your moderate viewpoint. Plus, the nature pictures are very good.

  19. Robert

    Hoobloodyrah!! What great news. Enjoy being back with your family.

  20. Hashim

    I am glad that you are back home with your family. Please accept my sincere wishes on your safety. I like to say many things but I am sure what you feel is what we are all feeling. You are Bahrains son, our son, our brother no matter if we differ in opinion. May Allah protect you and your family and all people of dignity.

  21. YoYo

    Welcome back Mahmood,
    Lets hope that the authorities check and double check their information before apprehending anyone so there is no face water to be saved afterwards.

    I also think the legal action will be very lengthy and costly and will not be effective, what would be more effective is the exposure of the culprits, which happened already.

  22. Cathy


    Thank God you are okay. How traumatic. I hope your wife and family are all okay and able to relax now. Remember: God knows everything. The truth always comes out and good will overcome! Keep up the good work, friend!

  23. chrisdrakeuk

    It’s delightful to have you back with us again, dear sir.

    Who’d have thought that your simple message of unity, democracy and justice would gather such loud and vociferous support all around the world while you were being entertained?

    You know, I suspect you may be on to something… 😉

    Bless you for your thanks to your investigators and your hope for reconciliation with your accusers.
    You are an example to us all.

  24. Mariannw

    I am so relieved that you are home safe amd sound! All the best wishes to you and your family.

  25. Abbas32

    Welcome back ! You were lucky to have all this support but I am afraid that other bloggers will be inside for months.

  26. Solanasaurus

    Very glad to see you released. I admire your voice reason.

  27. Lorena

    Welcome back my friend .. welcome back again ! im happy that you are at home with your family !! you have our support even you are so far away !! much love mahmood and all your family !! 🙂

  28. Hussain

    الحمدلله على السلامة استاذ محمود.

  29. Carsten Agger

    I’m so glad too see you’ve been released. Keep up the good work, and may your work against sectarian strife in Bahrain be ever fruitful!

  30. Post

    Many thanks my friends. To say I’m overwhelmed with your love and support is an understatement. I truly appreciate both and return them back to you with pleasure.

    Although many find themselves in difficult circumstances in Bahrain at the moment, I’m sure that the country as a whole will overcome this, but it will only do so with our concerted efforts at reconciliation.

    I know too that quite a lot of my compatriots have given up hope and think that the dialogue which has been called for by the Crown Prince is dead, I humbly disagree and think that a dialogue shall take place in the very near future. Hopefully immediately after the lifting of the emergency laws in a couple of months time. Accepting any other situation will defer this country and its people way beyond repair and this is totally unacceptable.

    Passions are still high. Hatred abound. And suspicion and mistrust seems to be the defacto standard in our daily lives now, but we are human beings and as such cannot continue in this quagmire for long. Couple that fact with us Bahraini psyche of friendliness and good nature and one has to have hope for a better future.

    What we’re passing through is traumatic and what I have passed through doesn’t even equate to a small percentage point of what others have had to endure, but even this abates with time.

    We have a lot of work to do, the most important thing we can never allow to be lost is hope.

    I wish you all peace and much love.

  31. Ali

    What’s truly worrying is that the people who are spreading hate, rumors and false information are being allowed to do so freely, yet moderate thinkers, geniune reformists, are being prosecuted, threatened, arrested and investigated!

    We are happy to see you our and about again and that you were released quickly. And I hope that it will not deter you from continuing in your support of reform and dialouge and speaking out your mind.

    Bahrain, indeed the world, needs more voices like yours.

  32. Susan

    Delighted to see that you are home and safe.
    I’ve been so worried during your absence.Yours is the voice of reason and compassion that needs to be heard across this divided world.

  33. Nadia

    Dear Mahmood,

    I’m so glad that you’re home again. I used to follow your garden blogs which I loved but now I follow you on another spectrum….. Take care of yourself and your family!

    Best regards,
    Nadia from Thailand

  34. Ahmed zainal

    Hey Mahmood! Hamdella 3al salama. I didn’t know and still unsure of what picture it was. I’ve been away too long, but just glad ur safe and back with ur family. Hope u stay safe and will follow ur issue.

  35. AbdulHadi Albasri

    Welcom back, Thanks GOD u r allright, may GOD pless u and ur family

  36. Dan

    Welcome back, Mahmood!

    I hope you have had a good group hug with family and friends, a well deserved hot bath, and a fine meal, not to mention a good night’s sleep.

    I can’t help but wonder though if the jail food is as bad in Bahrain as it is in here in the United States…LOL.

    Again: Welcome back!!

  37. Mtmama

    I read where an Bahraini blogger had been arrested and instantly thought of you,
    It was you and I was devastated.

    Words cannot describe how happy I am to hear that you are home again!

  38. Reader911

    الحمدلله على السلامه …

  39. Reader911

    Thank God Mahmood you were not hurt and was released soon.

    unfortunately, many others, more than 300 to be exact, do not get the same treatment and many others are probably tortured.


  40. Coolred38

    Big sigh of relief that you are one of the few released ones. Hope more follow. Welcome back.

  41. Achut Bhandarkar

    Glad to have you back. Did not know that you were detained as I have not been following the papers diligently due to work load. But I am surprised that you would be detained. Perhaps they needed a person of your capacity to show them the voice of reason and the right path. May Allah give you and yuor family the much neede solace and sense or perspective to focus on your healing process and goals. May all of Bahrainis heal well and completely (although I know that is a dream and a long shot and then some) but I have hope and pray to Allah for calm and reason and a sense of what is much needed now, reconcilliation and healing.

  42. Maymalk

    You contradict yourself. Double fact checking and posting accurate information (as it may ruin lives and families) is what I asked of you when you posted BS about my mother. Yet you said it’s the assumption you’ve concluded which you assumed entitles you to publicly state this false info about her.

    So I will give you the advice you gave me about her:
    You are a public figure. You and your family should expect critique about you as well as questioning and interrogation. I, as well as many (I assure you) regard you as a traitor to this country as u supported the attempt to overthrow, and rooted them on. Trust me on this, this is what people assume (unwritten context: therefore it must be true)

    I have quoted you word for word about what u said about my mum except that I changed the side and I removed 3 rude things you said about her.

    Don’t take this as a threat, as I’m sure many will want to assume, but: karma is a b****

    1. Post

      When did I advocate violence against your mother? When did I ask for her to be strung up and hanged, killed or molested? I still strongly disagree with her – as many in this country do – yet never once did I condone violence against her.

  43. exclamation mark

    Al Wasatnews website blocked… Newspapers were not circulated today…

    And again welcome back Mahmood

      1. Robert

        Whats the editorial equivalent of the blind reporting on the blind…..???

  44. Maymalk

    That’s not what I was referring to. I was referring to your calling for not spreading lies. U werent exposed to violence so why dramatize it? U said u were treated well..

    U name called and accused her of things out of pure assumption. U think this did not provoke violence towards her? Think about how many people read your tweets Mahmood 😉

    Let’s not act coy. You really should practice what you preach.

    And why are you angry? I just gave you the same patronizing advice you gave me 🙂

    1. Post
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  46. AbuRasool

    Once again,alhamdulilaah ala alsalamah.

    I tried and tried but there is no way to see what the government is thinking when it keeps on creating enemies instead of seeking to heal wounds.

    cheers Mahmood!


    1. Post

      Many thanks AbuRasool.

      I don’t know either. Very weird and contravenes logic to say the very least…

      1. Bernie

        It has struck me that they are for one thing, completely out of their depth and have reacted in the most feral way possible which is very odd and completely counter productive.
        The worst point is, the more the authorities carry on in this fashion the more intractable the problem becomes. The room for negotiation of any kind sinks with each arrest and with each person hurt.

  47. Steve the American

    Incarcerated? I didn’t know until this minute. How very depressing to contemplate and environment when honest speech is punished and dishonest speech promoted.

      1. chrisdrakeuk

        What relevance do the accusations against Al Wasat have to the arrests of non-violent bloggers and tweeps like Mahmood and @emoodz?
        (If you disagree that either are non-violent, please link to your proof?)

        1. Robert

          None! @Annony just wanted examples of dishonest speech (written or verbal) being punished – which was in response to the @stevetheamerican accusation that only honest speech was being punished.

          As a general comment though it appears that the last thing anyone seems to be considering at the moment is the truth.

          1. chrisdrakeuk

            Ah now I understand. Thank you.

            Not being able to read Arabic, I can’t come to a conclusion about the allegations against Al Wasat. But I remain very suspicious that the chief publicist was openly-sectarian, hate-promoting, BTV.

  48. exclamation mark

    Woke up today and realised a government waging war on its own people, we are on the urge of a sectarian “apartheid”. Why?

    Hundreds being fired from their jobs “you know who they might be”, even those who did not take part in the strike or do not have to do anything with politics

    Hospitals not permitted to treat the injured, infact hospitals are hijacked.

    Villages daily raided with innocent people especially women and children being assaulted.

    Mosques and other houses of worship (matams) are daily being saboutaged, which is a sign that the freedom of belief is opressed.

    Freedom of speech hijacked.

    Maybe even members of the National football team would be threatened.

    With all this happening, the Govt. is giving people a strong justification why to refuse dialogue, and had helped in building up a feeling of anger amongst the people, and infact strengthening the justification of the people who refused the dialogue since “17th February” even before the CP’s efforts and assurances to initiate talks.

    And this looks ugly:

  49. Anonny

    Hi Robert,

    Sorry I didn’t mean who was being punished. I should have been more clear. What wrong information did AlWasat publish?

    I do agree with you that truth seems to be in short supply at the moment, wherever one may turn.

      1. chrisdrakeuk

        Has anyone found any independent investigations of the allegations against Al Wasat published yet?

        1. exclamation mark

          You’re asking too much… is there any thing independent?

          1. chrisdrakeuk


            Okay, what about a ‘differently biased’ investigation that doesn’t just repeat BTV, government or royal family claims?


  50. exclamation mark

    Well there is no specific story adopted yet… And there had been rumours that Chief in Editor Mansoor Al Jamri was suspecting that his workforce had been penetrated, but all those rumours are from talks in some dialogue forums on the net.

  51. Robert

    Twitters abound that BBC not being allowed back to Bahrain – anyone able to confirm this? Or is it just that bloody woman?

    1. Dilmun

      Look at BBC website Middle East page and the report titled “Kingdom Divided” written by Frank Gardner who has been in Bahrain for BBC during recent days

    1. Post
  52. Frank Vincent


    I thank God for your release. I was born in Bahrain and now live in the United States. However I am not an Arab. I appreciate your comments and your feedback on the situation. I am concerned about Human Rights in Bahrain. I am deeply concerned about the way migrant workers are treated in Bahain. I have seen housemaids who are raped, expatriate workers who are beaten. Please start writing about the plight of these workers. I want justice for them. They leave their families and move to countries like Bahrain? Can God’s representative step in and do something about it. I pray for your safety!

  53. Clive Power


    We communicated a few years ago when you used one of my photos and I have followed your blog now and then since.

    I was shocked (but not surprised) to see that you had been arrested and very pleased that you are now free.

    In an odd way I even see the action the Bahraini state took against you as a sign that they don’t know what they are doing.

    To act against someone like you who is always a paragon of even-handed reasonableness shows that they really don’t care how large is the number of Bahrainis they annoy.

    Whether that shows an amateurishness about their strategy or is am ominous warning that they will be as harsh as they desire, I’m not sure – maybe both.

  54. billT

    Mahmood its been a while. I’m very sad you got locked up for loving your country and very glad your out. Hang in there my friend.

  55. Sayed Yacouby

    Frank comments on migrant worker reflects the way most Arabs think. Expatriates in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries are treated like slaves. My father is Bahraini and I admit that we have to learn to respect people. The Indians, the Filipinos, the Sri Lankans, the Ethopians work extremely hard. We have this notion that we are superior to other races. Arabs are ethnocentric. The real human rights issues are the way some of thes housemaids are treated. The labor camps in places like Sitra are filthy and lack the hygiene. But as Bahrainis we are not concerned about people who work for us. We need need to take some responsibility and some some gratitude to our expatraites.

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