Nabeel Rajab

Bahrain Human Rights defender Nabeel Rajab

Bahrain Human Rights defender Nabeel Rajab

I know Nabeel Rajab personally. I have very high respect for him and his ceaseless work to defend human rights and his activism in that regard. Everything I’ve read about him so far supports my conviction that I have not misread the man. The claims levied against him of violence instigation amongst a plethora of other baseless accusations do not wash. I am fully convinced that he is innocent and he is serving a jail sentence now in an effort to silence his severe criticism of the regime; something that this country’s very constitution protects.

Nabeel Rajab is a prisoner of conscience.

He did nothing more than stand fast for his lawful convictions and as such must be released unharmed and left to continue to practice his own human right of self expression without interference. Those who’ve imprisoned him must know that imprisoning him will not silence the growing dissenting voices in this country or abroad, what that does, in fact, is solidify Nabeel’s image as a worthy national hero.


  1. Emile

    One day everybody will be free, the truth always prevails. I think the harsh 3 year sentence will only make him more determined and a symbol, rather than broken. Just sayin’.

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