[Vlog] NY Winter – Fun at Bryant Park

A friend suggested that I should go visit Bryant Park before I leave NY as they have an ice rink as well as an “even better holiday market” in her words when comparing what Bryant Park had to offer with that of Union Square. I enjoyed watching the ice skating and making this film. I must confess; however, that the market at Union Square is – to me – much better! Regardless, I enjoyed the couple of hours I spent at Bryant Park, having fun watching people having fun. Fantastic! Thanks Sarah! 😉


  1. Steve the American


    I highly recommend you take a helicopter tour of Manhattan. I did it last summer using Helicopter Flight Services launching from the Downtown Manhattan Heliport/Pier 6. For $200 per person for a twenty minute flight you do a lap around the Statue of Liberty and up the Hudson River to the GW Bridge and back.

    They use new Bell 407GX helicopters, $2.5 million each, fitted with oversized windows, customized for sightseeing. Choppers on other tours have regular-sized windows.

    You get to it on the subway via the South Ferry station which delivers you to the edge of Battery Park. See the Ferry and turn left up the East River a couple hundred yards to where helicopters are operating from a pier. That’s it.

    I recommend taking video. It’s quite a spectacle and an experience.


    I’ll be up there in NYC in another week and a half.

    1. Post

      Thanks Steve,

      We actually did that a few years ago and it was fantastic. Unfortunately because of my weight, the pilot insisted that I take the back seat. Silly twit!

      Still, we did enjoy the experience a lot.

      1. Steve the American

        Sounds like you’re way ahead of me, Mahmood. Only skinny little girls get to sit up front. It’s discrimination!

        Of course, a former aviator like you might enjoy the Intrepid museum. You can walk through a Concorde and peek in the cockpit. From there, you can walk to Ruby Foo’s, a big Chinese restaurant. Order their Ruby Foo cocktail. The plum sake makes that drink.

        My favorite Mexican restaurant is Caliente Cab Co in Greenwich Village. They have the best chicken tacos anywhere.

        For dessert, you must go to Cafe Lalo, famous from the movie “You’ve Got Mail.” It’s where everyone goes after a movie.

        1. Post

          Yes I’ve had dinner with the family at Caliente after a fantastic little show in the neighbourhood. About an Iranian woman transforming her life and living in the States!! 🙂

  2. Wayne Job

    I visit your site every now and again and have read through the posts and comments, you sir are an Island of common sense surrounded by a sea turmoil. I do hope that you when visiting the USA you adhere to the maxim of when in Rome do as the romans do. I would also hope that that courtesy extends to your wife, such that she dresses in fashion. Mahmood what possibilities are there in the short, medium or long term to bring Islam kicking and screaming into the modern world? Thus intergrating a billion souls peacefully into the real world. Is it possible? Wayne.

  3. Richard Mechan


    Where on this site do we really blog about whats happening in Bahrain??



  4. Steve the American

    Oh, yes, the Metropolitan Museum of Art opened a new gallery last year on Islamic Art. The rooftop bar may be a little chilly right now but the view is terrific. I like to wander over to the Boat House for a cocktail after a day at the Met.

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