A Letter from Arif Aldoseri to the Minister of Housing

A video letter from a Bahraini citizen – Arif Aldoseri – to the minister of housing (in Arabic). Worth watching as it shows you what normal citizens in Bahrain are suffering from as they live in a country rich enough in resources and have many billions of US Dollars pumped into it by neighbouring countries.

This is symptomatic of the government’s continued failure in various sectors. The way that these situations could be corrected is by holding the government to account by the people. Unfortunately, those in Parliament whose job it is to ensure accountability and a sustainable future for the country are very complicit in those continued government failures. And unless proper representation is achieved, a more equitable distribution of national wealth and the establishment of social justice permeates all aspects of this country, we shall continue going through the strife we have experienced for decades.

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A Letter from Arif Aldoseri to the Minister of Housing