Terrorism Will Not Win.

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My thoughts and prayers are with all the families of the dead and injured as a result of this heinous crime against humanity. Terrorism doesn’t serve anyone and attacking the innocent doesn’t serve ANY any cause. The intention to do the maximum harm was quite evident in the selection of the Boston Marathon as a theatre of their hateful operations.

To all my American friends, you have my full support and sympathy. While I do not have the answers, I encourage you not to hate, because if you do, the dark forces behind this and other terrorism attacks win. I applaud the statement and reasoning of the US President who promised that “Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups, will feel the full weight of justice.” which shows the humanity of that nation and its respect for human rights and due process, rather than go into an automatic collective punishment.

I do hope that those responsible are caught and they do feel the full weight of justice. As I hope their sources of sustenance do too because they are just as complicit in this as the perpetrators of the crime themselves.


My complete and unfettered sympathies. This is yet another sad day for peace loving people.

  • Mark
    16 April 2013


    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

  • Steve the American
    21 April 2013

    Islam will not win its war of terror on civilization, not in a thousand years. Each new attack teaches us to despise Islam even more. In the end, democracy and freedom will prevail over Islamic evil.

  • JK
    22 April 2013

    Comparing all Muslims with the terrorists is like comparing all Christians with the Waynesboro Babtist church. There is good and bad in everything. Every faith has their extremists and it is just ignorant to assume all of them are bad.

  • Steve the American
    24 April 2013

    That is a false analogy. The Westboro Baptist Church does not control any countries, as Islam does. There are over fifty Muslim majority countries. There are no Westboro Baptist Church countries nor will there ever be.

    While the Westboro Baptist Church is reviled here, they have not killed anyone. Islam has killed millions of people and wants to kill millions more.

    You really have to bury your head in the sand to ignore the outsized number of Muslim terror attacks. I was very struck by one doctor’s observation at the hospital in Boston which treated many of the bombing victims: He said it smelled like fresh blood in the ER because so much blood was gushing from wounds and so much blood was being transfused.

  • Mary
    25 April 2013

    Thank you for your kind thoughts.

    I’m ignoring Steve.

  • Steve the American
    26 April 2013

    And reality.

  • Anonny
    26 April 2013

    Steve will never change his mind and never change the subject. Fanaticism defined.

  • Steve the American
    1 May 2013


    I will happily change my mind when Muslims cease making war on the world and turn their minds to doing good. It’s that easy.

    It is a measure of how twisted and perverted the Muslim mind is that an objection to Muslims butchering women and children on the streets is considered unreasonable by the likes of Anonny. Why, objecting to little kids having their legs blown off by Muslims is crazy, irrational, fanaticism defined. After Islam means peace, right?

    If Muslims were building schools and hospitals instead of bombs and terror cells, my opinion of them would improve dramatically. However, Islam does not build. It destroys. It never makes things better. Where ever it goes, it makes things worse.

    You Muslims are storing up a vast amount of ill will with your terror. There were liberals who would defend you after Sep 11, but they are very scarce now. Your terrorism will end in catastrophe for you. When the inevitable retaliation comes, you will capture the sympathy of no one. You have spilled too much blood for your evil religion.

  • Anonny
    1 May 2013

    Well this little diatribe works both ways:
    Steve, many people will happily change their minds when the American corporatocracy ceases making war on the world and turns its hive-mind to doing good. Equally easy.

    It is a measure of how twisted and perverted the American mind is when an objection to Americans bombing and shooting women and children in their own homes is considered unreasonable by the likes of Steve. Why, objecting to little kids having limbs blown off by American soldiers and pilots is crazy, irrational, fanaticism defined. After all, America means peace, right?

    If Americans were building schools and hospitals instead of bombs and vehicles of state terror, Muslim opinion of them would improve dramatically. However, America does not build, it destroys. It never makes things better. Wherever it goes, it makes things worse.

    You Americans are storing up a vast amount of ill will with your terror. There were Muslims defending you after the razing and plunder of Iraq and Afghanistan, but those who are still alive are losing their voices now. Your state terrorism will end in catastrophe for you. When the inevitable retaliation comes, you will capture the empathy of the world via your media, but not enough sympathy to make a difference. You have spilled too much blood of uncounted corpses for your greedy corporate masters.

    You see how stupid that sounds? That’s how stupid your rant sounds to the rest of us. You think in terms of such absolutes, such black-&-white perceptions. In short, you communicate in the exact same manner as those you purport to oppose.

  • Anonny
    1 May 2013

    Steve, Saudi tried to warn America. Maybe this disrupts your favourite narrative, but it’s true, nonetheless ..

  • Steve the American
    5 May 2013


    Your rebuttal is pure socialist nonsense. America and the West has made much of the Muslim world rich. They, in turn, use that wealth to kill people all around the world for their evil Islam. And, really, Muslim terror attacks are not limited to America. There is no country where Muslims go where they do not kill for Islam.

    Does Thailand corporatocracy making war on the world? Why are Muslims killing teachers in their beds there? Does Afghanistan boast a corporatocracy making war on the world? Then why are Muslims throwing acid on school girls there? Were Muslims objecting to the Aussie corporatocracy making war on the world when they planted bombs in Bali? Was it the Israeli corporatocracy making war on the world when Muslims bombed a Jewis center in Argentina?

    And really, it was the Muslims driving truck bombs into Iraqi markets to blow up Muslim civilians. The Muslim insurgents were murdering 600 civilians on purpose for every civilian killed by the US military. And you Muslims did not make any complaint about it because Muslims murdering Muslims is OK with you.

    Perhaps the news doesn’t get to you through your intensely bigoted media, but America does in fact build schools and hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those are the schools and hospitals you Muslims are trying to blow up. The schools host the students Muslims are desperately trying to murder.

    In fact, America does quite a bit of building. For example, Saudi Arabia was built mostly by America. Likewise, America is trying to build up Afghanistan. Unfortunately, when America builds a road there, the Muslims try to kill the workers.

    Muslims have never defended America. Their religion demands they hate it and everything non-Muslim.

    But I do agree with you that your rant sounds stupid, a product of Muslim shame at its own crimes against humanity where ever it goes.

  • Anonny
    5 May 2013


    You don’t do irony, do you? I’m well aware of what America builds and destroys. They do both. You seem to have trouble with that concept. I was showing you how stupid your rant was, not outlining any personal manifesto. Do try to keep up.

  • Steve the American
    23 May 2013

    I thought you were doing Stupid, not Irony. Your Irony makes no sense. I have no need to keep up with a Muslim bigot who defends Islamic terror.

    The victims of the Boston Bombing are barely cold in their grave when other representatives of the Religion of Peace are beheading a man in the streets of London and proudly posing for pictures smeared in his blood. What a shameful and evil religion this Islam is.

    You are planting the seeds of your destruction.

  • Anonny
    27 May 2013

    Steve, I wasn’t defending Muslim terror. I’m trying to show how wrong is your blanket condemnation of all Muslims as terrorists.

    Interesting your mention of the Woolwich case. Not one Muslim I know has defended those killers. Not one.

    I also invite you to consider that a couple of weeks before, a white man stabbed a 75-year Muslim man to death in Birmingham, a city a couple of hundred kilometres up the road from Woolwich. He was stabbed four times in the back, hard enough for the knife to open up his chest. It didn’t really make the headlines. Conveniently enough, cameras only seemed to be around for the black muslims. That attack, obviously jingoistic in nature, is not seen as emblematic of any extremist group or school of thought by the mainstream press. So it goes …

  • Steve the American
    26 June 2013

    The Koran commands Muslims to wage war on non-Muslims. You might try reading it. You can start at sura 9:5, the Verse of the Sword, which commands Muslim to lie in ambush for non-Muslims. Terror is Islamic doctrine.

    Yes, Muslims have supported the beheading in England. That was carried on the news: Anjem Choudary I believe was one of the supporters.

    The reason why cameras caught the beheaders was that they waited around and posed for them with the bloody cleavers and knives in their bloody hands. They were proud of what they did for Islam.

    Any white murderer who stabs a Muslim to death will be tried and convicted for what every civilized person calls a crime. By contrast, Muslims see such violence, when it is Muslims killing non-Muslims, as virtuous. This is what makes Islam such a sick, depraved religion and what makes Muslims unwelcome in the civilized world.

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Terrorism Will Not Win.