Ground Rules

We’re experiencing growth at Gulf Broadcast and I have to gear up for that influx of new staff and revise the current structure of induction. The intention is to get the new staff to reach productivity levels much faster than we ever had and make their journey a more rewarding one. We already have quite a comprehensive Staff Handbook which we kept revised over the years and I’m happy with its comprehensive content now. It really helps in the induction process.

One thing that it didn’t have; however, is a clear set of ground rules for everyone to follow, so I devised the following 13 Commandments to make sure that everyone is on board.

  1. I’m not your friend.
  2. I’m your boss.
  3. I need to see results within one month.
  4. Don’t bring politics and religion into the office.
  5. Reports must be filled in and submitted.
  6. Business cards and any other material you produce or acquire in the course of representing Gulf Broadcast and while in our employ, remain the property of Gulf Broadcast. This is why you’re getting paid.
  7. If in doubt, ask.
  8. Don’t be late. Be on time. Always.
  9. Participate effectively in the Daily Huddle.
  10. Filing. Do it properly.
  11. Respect confidentiality. Do not send company or client documents to your personal email or drive.
  12. Be presentable. Wear business appropriate attire at all times.
  13. You will be judged on results, attitude, chemistry and team work.

I’ve listed these in no particular order. I know they might sound harsh to some; however, at least they are declared and everyone knows where they stand as well as what’s expected of them. This, hopefully, will create a better and more productive work environment and takes the guessing out of the equation.

Do you have any ground rules you set for your business? I’d love to know. Share in the comments please and don’t forget to Like Mahmood’s Den on Facebook too.


  1. Richard

    I trust you are not really going to be that hard on your employees?

  2. Richard Mechan

    This is going to take some working out.

    1. He is your friend.
    2. No one likes a Boss,
    3. No one in the M-E achieves results in a single month.
    4.Do but don’t up set the powers to be!
    5. See the above.
    6. You will not get paid. who ever you are.
    7.If you need to ask, you are either too old or too young to know better.
    8.Bollocks! ( We are Arab time)
    9.Make Love as often as you can.
    10.Polish your nails! Often.
    11. Yes, but always get to know boss’s and learn his or hers interests.
    12. A business suit will always put you a head of the game.
    13. Be your self, irrespective of where you come from.

    1. Post

      You’re entitled to your opinion of course. Allow me to state that I find yours to be offensive and paints us Arabs as a race without ethics nor ambitions. We have our faults to be sure, but not to the extent that you portray.

  3. Richard Mechan


    No offense intended, you are after all only a Blogger and lets face it you’ve won international awards! I know the names of my Arab brothers with who I spent time with in Bahrain, most of them were freed after intervention with the Daily Express/VoB/ Lord Avebury and of course the editor of the Al-Wassat Mansour Al-Jamari. You however have never been arrested or spent time in prison.Why?

    I am simply an Englishman trying to bridge to gap between us and the Arabs.

  4. Richard Mechan

    Have you ever been to Chelteham Races? Paddy’s Day? Look it up on your inter-web! It’s called having the Craic! (Irish for having fun) I decided to run me(my) own blog on Bahrain. Whatever you have gained from your blog, sad but true your a failed Salesman. 66/1 odds on. Grow some Balls Mahmood!

  5. Richard Mechan

    Have never met a nice South-African! Any out there? Blogging in the free world.

  6. Richard Mechan

    I believe the British in the sixties sent the senior members of the Shia to the Island of Elba( with life bans). You guys now have the likes of John Yates and some useless Yank both of which are politically incorrect and have little and no understanding where they are or who they are supposed to be representing or protecting.

    I have had my say, promise!

    Bloody Al-Khalifas!

    Sorry now finished.

  7. Bonsaimark

    I think someone had a couple of bad ice cubes and went on a blog posting binge…………..

  8. Richard Mechan

    .. “Bahrain’s prisons up with the best in the world” – Richard Mechan

    Time to sleep well. eat well and finally let go! I have by request of the family retired the book,

    Bad ice cubes?

    Who knows what is in store for us next.



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