Breakfast with Inspiration, the humbling activism of Rüdiger Nehberg

I am truly humbled with the stories of Rüdiger Nehberg whom I had the absolute honour of meeting for breakfast this morning along with my friend Zahra Al-Harazi in Munich, Germany. We’re all invited to speak at the annual #EOGermany conference, this year entitled Rule Breakers.

Rüdiger is a passionate philanthropist leading the fight against female genital mutilation in the Muslim world, from the inside. He got the Al Azhar to proclaim it a sin and is working now to get the grand muftis of Saudi to do likewise.

Earlier in life he crossed the Atlantic 3 times; on an 18 meter fir tree, a paddle boat and a bamboo raft from Africa to Brazil and into Washington to deliver a letter from Amnesty Int’l to George Bush.

He fought for the rights of the indigenous people in Brazil for 20 years and effected change. He also authored 30 books of which many were translated to multiple languages.

Truly inspiring. Please Google him and offer help if you can. We definitely need him to speak at the OIC conference and meet with people of influence to further the cause and stop the heinous crime against women.