Going potty

This weekend’s project is to make use of some of the tens of pots we have lying around. My wife suggests we open a garden shop, or at least do a yard sale to get rid of some of them. No way, I say. Pots are meant to be mini-gardens, and that’s what I’m going to do this weekend. And to be fair, it was she who suggested that I use some of the pots, something that escaped my mind 😉

The cacti gathering

This is how one potted garden once looked by our pool. Most of those plants actually still survive but are spread around the garden and in my xeriscaped border to the side of our house. Let’s see if we can do something as nice this time.

But, you’ll have to wait for specifics as all will be revealed in the third episode of the Mahmood’s Garden Show scheduled for release this Saturday 16th August, 2014.

MGS S01E02 – The Seeds Selection
Going potty