Preparing to build the nursery and weekend purchases

Pink Adenium

Alright guys. I went out this morning and got the material to build my nursery. I’ll put it together this afternoon and it will be the subject of a future episode.

I also took the opportunity to buy some plants: a fig tree, a cheeko tree, an adenium, an indoor fern and a few flowering shrubs. I’m not yet sure where I’ll plant some of those yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure that out by this afternoon.

My first Chico Fruit!My wife complains that our small garden is over-run with trees. I agree, but I can’t help myself. I particularly wanted a couple of fruit trees, so I when I saw the chikoo tree (or sapodilla as some call it) I thought I’d give it another go. I did have one before but that only produced a single fruit before I yanked it out. I thought this time I’d position it in the front garden where it’s a bit cooler and shadier and where I hope it’ll have a better time. This plant is grafted and the garden centre guy assures me that it will be easy to grow. Let’s hope so. I love chikoo fruit. I’ll keep you updated.

Another tree I bought is a fig. This time at the behest of my wife. She loves figs and as it’s her birthday tomorrow I can say no now can I? We had another fig and it did do well, except that the rose-ringed parakeets love it so much that they would not let even unripe fruit to stay on the tree. They kept eating whatever it produced. We didn’t complain. We like parakeets. Unfortunately, they all bug disappeared since 2011. No idea why. Maybe this will bring them back. I’ll keep you updated on this one as well.

Recently I removed a bunch of coffee plants I used for ground cover along the side of the garage. They were denied water because someone screwed around with the irrigation system and didn’t have the courage to fess up, noting that this was the doing of a so-called garden maintenance company is doubly worst. Anyway, their action left the garden dry for a few days, a fact that I noticed immediately on my return from a brief trip abroad. Needless to say, they got fired immediately. Today I bought a few shrubs to replace the coffee plants. I have no idea what they’re called. The garden centre guy – bless him – just jotted down a name which has no relation to reality. That gives me the chance to dig around the internet to try to identify the plant. I’ll post pictures of their leaves and flowers soon, maybe you can help?

Pink AdeniumMy wife also notice a beautiful double adenium. Light pink. Really nice. We got that one too, but as it’s flowering at the moment I won’t bother repotting it. I’ll just put the plastic container in a nice pot as a temporary measure until it’s ready to be re-homed.

What are you up to this week in your garden?