MGS S01E10 – Inviting Birds into your Garden

There is nothing that brings a garden to life than birds and their chirping and singing and flitting around. We’re blessed to have several varieties who have made our garden their home.

To invite them into your garden doesn’t really take too much effort; at the very least, just provide them with water to drink and bathe in. What we do is provide them with food too. We freeze dates and put some out for them every morning in the winter. During the summer, we just provide some fruit. There are a couple of nesting boxes that the Silverbills use from time to time, but there are plenty of trees and thick bushes that they do use to nest in as well.

Unfortunately though, we have two active cats. George III is the major criminal and he does catch a bird (and generally eats it) occasionally 🙁

Anyway, to celebrate Eid – Eid Mubarak again – here’s this week’s episode about Inviting Birds into your Garden.

What kind of birds do you have visiting yours?

Eid Mubarak.