a new start

It’s been such a long time since I published anything here. I’ve lost interest, but kept the blog up for posterity’s sake. I believe it served a purpose, and still does. It holds inspiration for some, and a healthy archive for others. To me, I can’t just delete it as it’s a part of me and my identity. I still love the sweat, tears and anguish as well as a lot of laughter and best friendships developed through Mahmood’s Den. So it’s going to stay.

It’s clear; however, that due to the politics and the constraints currently experienced, I do consciously edit myself. I didn’t update the blog for so long because of this self-imposed censorship. I hate it. I absolutely detest it and feel like a coward every time I write a sentence only to delete or amend it to what I think would be acceptable. The easiest thing to do is to go with the flow and fawn. That, to me, would be more difficult than jumping off a building.

I do miss writing though. So very much.

Maybe one thing I could do in the interim is to concentrate my efforts on writing about my hobbies and my interests. Less dangerous than venturing an opinion, and certainly more cowardly – in my book – but you’ll forgive me for that I hope. I want to write and want to share and want to inspire and want to be inspired and want to converse and want to make new friendships and want to develop the ones already established and want to use the energies and passions I have to do good.

So here goes.

Photography. Gardening. Filmmaking. Health. Sports. Fantasies. And general opinions about whatever takes my fancy.

What do you think? Worth a go?

I’ll share with you a current passion: I’ve started conceptualising a short film. You know that my job is to make films, so how is this different? Well, for one thing, it’s going to be a narrative film. I’ve never done that before; well, if you would excuse this crude experiment that is, and I feel that I have a nice story.

At this moment in the story’s life, I’m complicating things because of trepidation, lethargy, priorities, laziness, whatever. I tend to get like that sometimes if I don’t want to do something. But I do want to tell this story! So it can’t be any of those things, surely. Maybe it’s just an incubation process? I also tend to do this. Get an idea to percolate for a few minutes to a few months or even years in my mind and when it‘s ready to pop out, it does. All in a flood!

Just like this post 😉


  1. Chiara

    Please do continue to post on “safe topics”, at least in the interim!

    That you for confirming what I suspected about why the Gulf blogosphere has gone largely silent, or refocused to more personal topics.

    My own blogging silence is more health related, but I hope to resume more regular posting and commenting in the near future.

    1. Post

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