iPhone 6s. ‘Nuff Said.

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s+

What is the feature that most draws you to buy the just announced iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus?

To me, as a die-hard Apple-geek, it doesn’t have to be that much, just the new new shiny thing would suffice. However; it’s nice that it has 4k video, 12MP camera, Live Photos (love this feature!), 3D Touch and a plethora of other features which make my mouth water. I want one now.

And before you say it; yes, I know that some of these features are available on Android devices. I still prefer Apple, thank you very much.

Another thing: I won’t wait for it to be brought by our telcos. I don’t trust any of them and don’t want their obtuse contracts. I’ll just go out and buy one outright and be done with it.

And I’ll have the iPhone 6s in Space Grey with 128GB please.

Now where can I book a plane ticket to that someone else is paying for? 😉

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iPhone 6s. ‘Nuff Said.