The Reason Innovation is Dead in Bahrain



Tell me how this is helping innovation in Bahrain?

The slow speed and high cost of broadband Internet here ensures that innovation is dead in Bahrain. Shouldn’t someone pay attention to this? Isn’t knowledge capital the only thing we could have in Bahrain as every other resource is either depleted or just not available? Isn’t the fix more than readily available? Shouldn’t an island as small as ours be encased in free wireless broadband that will strategically encourage innovation?

This is so frustrating.


Update: After that tirade, I called my ISP (MenaTelecom) and they chirplilly told me that I’m out of bandwidth. Their suggestion? I’m on a “very old package” that has been replaced now with a lower price and more bandwidth capacity and newer devices. Yes. It doesn’t seem to be their policy to tell their incumbent clients of this new thing, but only do so when they complain.

I’m paying BD45 for 60GB per month at 10mbps. The new package is BD40 per month for 200GB and higher speed!

Go. F$@king figure.

Meanwhile in other places in the world:

According to Starkloff, “Everyone has a bit of a different definition of what 5G is. But it’s the next iteration of cellular standards, with a goal of a 50 times faster data rate than the most advanced Wi-Fi networks today. To give an example, the expectation is that a 5G network can stream a two-hour movie in less than three seconds.”

start weeping by reading more about 5G


  1. Omar

    The UK is not so much better in some parts. I am a qualified telecommunications tech now living in Europe’s poor relation Bulgaria (I marreid one), but I used to work for Zain. In crap Bulgaria we have fibre a 100 MBs up and down and unlimited for about 10 of your Dinars per month. Much better than London. We can watch Netflix, we can watch Apple TV and never worry about running out of bandwidth. What is your choice in Bahrain – Saudi TV? Bahrain is utter rubbish. God help you!

    The future is the net, not the stupid self adoration of the local broadcast media who are beyond incompetent but have no perception of their badness. I believe the people know, but don’t care and besides it will not change.

    Compared to my lovely time in Bahrain, well Bahrain is a greedy – no very greedy, primitive state and I recently read that the Telecom Regulate people are spanking the telecom companies for slowing down or charging for Skype and similar because they did ‘Not obtain permission to do this’.

    You are screwed my friends, for eventually you will have to pay for social media. Sit on the outside and you will easily see that this authority will STILL approve some sort of charging because the same people have shares in the telecom companies. In Dubai the people go crazy to be there but my God, they are being ripped off even more. Is the rip off justified – well my friends tell me there is no business in Bahrain compared to Dubai which might at least justify the rip off!

    It is all a big incompetent game. Gamers among others hog all gateways in Bahrain from about 5 pm onwards, please do not believe it is intellectual surfing. I think the Government believe this to be uploads from the villages and probably purposely slow things down. Well if they got off their asses and checked with the recording disk drives they have planted in every provider’s hub, they might come to a different conclusion and see just how much porn is being downloaded in your Islamic society. Amazingly, your censors have more knowledge of porn sites than most average people.
    Peace and love

    Good luck

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