To tattoo or not to tattoo

Arabic-Tattoos-On-Rib-38Until today, I was ambivalent to against tattoos. I can tolerate them on other people’s skin as it’s their skin, not mine. It’s their personal freedom and nothing to do with me. But today… oh today… I am ALL FUCKING FOR TATTOOS AND WILL GET SOME ON MY SKIN. I’LL GET INKED. And to the right honourable parliamentarians who have nothing better to do than to ban things left and right without any regard to personal freedoms and choice, and as if the country doesn’t have enough problems for them to resolve – like the budget, political stasis, decrepit economy, dearth or education, really really bad health services, housing and the oodles of corruption both administrative and financial, I say do your worst. You ain’t getting me to NOT tattoo my body. Deal with it.