Month: April 2016

Sources of ISIS Support

Where are ISIS supporters Tweeting from?

  The Brookings Institute published a study on where the pockets of ISIS support are around the world. They analysed the sources of supportive Tweets and found that the majority emanate from Muslim countries. It’s no surprise to me that ISIS sympathisers are within our Arab communities. Their major support comes from the land of the birth of …

#JohnKerry in Bahrain

John Kerry

As I type this, there is a joint press conference by the foreign secretaries of the US of A and Bahrain. Here’s what I expect #JohnKerry to state. Ready? Here goes: Blaaah blah blah bla. Blaah bla bla bla bla bla bla blaaaaah bl #IRAN blablablablabla bla blaaaaah bla bla bl blaha blahhhhh #ISIS bla bla …