The creep of weight gain

I’ve let myself go over the past couple of months and my weight has been creeping up. Well, I’ve been on holiday for a couple of weeks to Scotland and it was a bit stressful at work the last few months. Note that I’m not beating myself up for this. This is nothing to the 35kgs I’ve lost. It’s a wake up call for me to get back on my chosen path of better health. 

Ok. The best I got to was 81kgs in Nov ’15. I’m now closer to 89kgs. My target now is to get to 81kgs again by my birthday on 23 Feb ’17. So the fun starts again!

I’ll be joining a running club tomorrow in addition to my refular gym workouts and start eating more healthily again. 

I know that my main culprit is bread and not so much sweets, though of course those contribute. I’ve quit all types of sweets, biscuits, chocolates and cakes for over from 2 August until about a week ago and I felt really well for it. I don’t have actual numbers but it felt that I lost some fat and gained better muscle definition. 

My plan now is to limit bread intake and stop sweets one more time until my weight is where I want it to be again. 
For accountability, I’m going to report my weight on a weekly basis every Saturday morning here for me to track progress. I find that I do hit my set targets if I publicly declare them 😉

Your support will be welcome.