Knock knock…

صادوهم مغيرين السعر😂😂😂

The ministry of commerce seems to be on a rampage closing down supermarkets which display a price and then charge another at the till. Ruyan was closed a few days ago and now Alhazeem’s follows. 

Of course this doesn’t pass without Bahrainis making fun of the situation … here’s a scenario set with a caption that says that the ministry has closed this shop down and arrested its owners for selling Mahyawah (fish paste) with a different price than advertised!!


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    More hilarity from Bahrainis about this ministerial move:

    الاسبوع الماضي صادتني الكاميرا على شارع الشيخ عيسى بن سلمان كانت سرعتي 🚗 123 بس يوم راجعت المرور طلعت عندهم السرعة 😱 140 اتهقون وزراة التجارة يصكون المرور

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