Yoga. My new addiction.

Mahmood and Leah after a good Yoga session with Leah

Mahmood and Leah after a good Yoga session with LeahYoga was one of those things that I thought house-wives and mystics would while away their time in. The images I saw on the internet certainly supported this view. It’s no surprise that I veered away from Yoga. I’m a healthy and strong individual dedicated to an all-round gym experience, through this hard work, I managed to lose a considerable amount of weight and turned my life around. What would I need yoga for?

Curiosity got the better of me when Serenity Centre, a new meditation, Reiki and Yoga studio announced once a week Yoga sessions for gentlemen with an experienced Yoga instructor. I thought I’d give it a go. What harm could that do?

The next morning after that first somewhat “gentle” session with Leah Ferrera was a revelation. All my muscles were sore – in a good way. That ache amply demonstrated the error of my judgement. Those Yoga-practicing mystics and house-wives would definitely give me a run for my money, even with all my daily gym work-outs. That was a session in humility. And I was hooked!

Leah’s considerable patience, gentle leadership and happy soothing voice completely hooked me into the Yoga experience. I started to really look forward to our Wednesday evening sessions and was the first on the mat practicing the various poses before the session started. Within three months, I gained more flexibility in my body than I probably every had. I was sleeping better and was much more aware of my posture.

Yoga allowed me to also experience much more than stretches. The guided meditation that Leah offered at the end of every session was invaluable in calming my mind. It allowed inward reflection and awareness that I have not experienced before.

I now practice Yoga twice a week and am very much indebted to Leah for leading me into the practice. Had she not been as good as she is, I would have most probably quit after the very first session. I’m glad I persevered and am very grateful to Leah for introducing me to a new way of life.


(disclosure: Serenity is owned and operated by my wife. I do Yoga there on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings now with Zahraa Amini. Come join me!)


  1. Amal Jaffar

    That’s a beautiful testimonial! Heard the story dozens of times over the past years, it’s lovely that the practice has such a beautiful, much needed, transformational effect on people.
    Om shanti!

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