Scratching head and wondering if that is Art.

Help. I’m confused. Is this really art?

This is an honest question. I have no answer other than being left wondering what is art in general, and if this “work” and others like it actually lowers the bar of what should be regarded as art.

To me, it a badly shot and edited video that would not have gain more than a few views on YouTube, yet, a whole section of Alrewaq – a well known and respected gallery – has been dedicated to it. The other parts of this “installation” is a few architectural and simple drawings of the steps in addition to a few photographs. Nothing that would draw people’s attention in a normal sense.

So what is it that classified this “work” as one of art?

Someone please educate me.


  1. Don Cox

    It is art.

    It is bad art. There has always been good and bad art. Being bad doesn’t disqualify it from being art.

    “Art” is a fuzzy category anyway, but so are most categories. The world doesn’t come in neat boxes. Names were invented by humans to try to make sense of things.

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